What is Bubble Soak in Washing Machines and How to Use it?

What is Bubble Soak in Washing Machines? Well, it is just the thing for you if you have been combating stubborn stains for a long time. For now, Samsung has launched the much-hyped ‘Eco-Bubble’ Series that has caught the fancy of the hygiene fanatics across the world. This brand new technology allows energy saving to the maximum along with top-notch hygiene for the fabric. But what is bubble soak technology, and how has it revolutionized the way we wash our clothes? Let us find out:


The bubble soaks in washing machines are all about ensuring that the detergent infuses within the very fabric of your clothes. Sounds dramatic? Well, it is the very fact of the function of the all-new Eco-Bubble series by Samsung. The technology utilizes the concept of hot water soaks to remove the stubborn stains from the surface of the cloth. However, the Bubble soak does just that sans the heat involved and also the long time, as expected for the soaking action. In this case, the clothes can be washed at 15 C degrees as well. How’s that for a massive energy-saving strategy? The best part is that the clothes not only get all the more cleaner but also last long. Also, the Bubble soak technology ensures that no detergent residue is left behind in the fabric. Thus, a safe wash option.

Samsung Bubble Soak: How It Works?

To get your clothes cleaner in the all-new Samsung Eco-wash, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Fill in the soap dispenser located within the machine with your favourite detergent and fabric softener.
  2. Locate the ‘Bubble soak’ program on your machine; you can refer to the manual to get it right.
  3. After you have selected the appropriate option, press on the bubble soak option and start the cycle.
  4. The bubble soak technology works the best for Cotton, Synthetic, Daily wash, Denim, Babywear, and a few selected others.
  5. It takes around 30 minutes or so for the Bubble wash cycle to complete, as soaking takes time.
  6. The main mechanism of the technology is all about the fact that enough Oxygen is infused within the fabrics of the cloth, as the water and detergent are mixed at high pressure. This is the reason for the formation of massive bubbles within the drum as the cycle starts.
  7. The foam bubbles make their way into the clothes through the holes present in the drum.
  8. The interfacial tension between the stain and the fabric is increased. As a result, thus, the detergent can easily penetrate the stain.

The Advantages of the Bubble Soak Technology

Before you decide on how to use bubble soak on Samsung washing machine, it is necessary to watch out for the benefits it promises:

  • This is the best bet when it comes to people who prefer hot water soak for cleaning their clothes.
  • It saves a lot of time, energy, and detergent that are normally utilized for the soak action to work.
  • This technology can easily work with temperatures as low as 15 C. Thus, no high temperatures are required.
  • The Bubble soak Samsung is the best if you wish to protect your delicates and other valuable pieces of clothing.
  • The technology utilizes only 30% of the electricity as compared to the regular wash cycle.
  • The Bubbles offer cushion protection to the clothes, thus, protecting them from rigorous action.

The Bubble Soak: A Closer Look

Energy Efficiency: As mentioned earlier, the product promises energy efficiency. As you do not require water at high temperatures, you save high on the bills. The function can work at water temperatures as low as 15C. This results in your clothes looking suitable for a longer time and your delicates in good condition.

The Foam Magic: From the sound of it, we know that the foam is the fun part of the technology here. This happens as the mechanism ‘activates’ the detergent before it treats your clothes. This is done as the water and detergent are mixed at high pressures. This causes the foam to cover every inch of the fabric evenly to ensure a clean wash.

The Bubbles: As the name suggests, the Bubbles have the laundry engulfed within, thus, causing the deeper stain removal action to take place. This operation is 30 minutes long in the Samsung washing machine and can be located on the panel. Be sure to go for the specific Eco-Series Samsung model that features this technology. This is usually the display with the ‘Plus’ Symbol on it. Also, be sure to thoroughly go through the manual to properly understand the function of the machine and how to best operate it.

Eco-Bubble: What Makes it Different?

The Bubble wash technology has been proved to be quite efficient and easy to use by the customers. This is mainly because you can easily change the wash cycle by having your selection of temperatures. Not just that, you also get to decide the number of rinses you need, the spin speed, and also the option for more heavily soiled clothes.
The machine is also designed in a manner to calculate the water quantity according to the weight of the load. This way, you can save water when you do not require much of it for certain quantities of load at a time.

What is Bubble Soak in Washing Machines?: The Conclusion

Now you know how to use bubble soak Samsung and what difference it makes to your clothes. Samsung has long since been a pioneer in cleaning technology, electronics, and more. This innovative technology from the brand house has been well-received by the users and is also well recognized. Some of the international bodies that recognize the Eco-Bubble wash are:

  • IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission Standards)
  • EMPA(Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt)
  • VDE(Verband der Elektrotechnik)

Not just that, the product has also won various prestigious awards and honours for its efficiency, hygiene, and energy-saving techniques.