Reasons Why Your Bluetooth Speakers Go Bad and How To Make Them Last Longer

Why your Bluetooth speakers go bad? Well, it is a real bummer when you finally find your ‘true match’ in Bluetooth, only to have it thrown away in a couple of months. But, this is a major issue faced by most users. 8 out of every 10 Bluetooth speakers have to part from their gadget within the first few weeks! The trend is so rampant that people believe investing in speakers is a sheer waste of money. However, the good news is that there are a few tips, tricks, and ‘know-how’ that go a long way in helping preserve your speakers to last longer. So, How to use Bluetooth speakers longer? Let’s find out:


Bluetooth technology is a breakthrough when it comes to changing the way we view our gadgets. Now, you do not have to lug around your heavy gadgets just to be able to enjoy the music at your party. In fact, with the invention of Bluetooth, it is now possible to retain the privacy of the choices in music one desires at times. The Bluetooth technology makes it possible for us to be able to work out, carry out meetings and walk as we talk as required. Not to forget that Bluetooth has allowed our audio devices to go lighter and sleeker, making it a breeze to store and carry about. After the technology has offered so much to the users, it is obvious that it deserves some amount of care and love. This implies the fact that you need to be careful with how and where you park your device. As we have indulged in the topic, let us briefly look at what you must and must not do when dealing with your Bluetooth Speakers.

Why Bluetooth Speakers Go Bad: What To Do?

  • The Speakers are best placed near the walls for it to be louder.
  • Keep your speakers protected from the dust.
  • Prevent the situation of overcharging, as it causes more damage than you can imagine.
  • Be sure to cover it up when not in use.
  • Avoid wet hands when handling the device.
  • Be sure to keep the kids away from handling it.
  • Avoid keeping your speakers near your phone.

Reasons for the Bluetooth Speakers to Spoil

To be able to indulge in the tips to use a Bluetooth speaker, it is essential to know how and why the device does not lasts longer. So, let us take a look at the top reasons why the Bluetooth Speakers spoil in the first place:

1. Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

It is, after all, a piece of electronic, and any major fall can permanently ruin it in no time. This usually happens when all the components within the PC board get dislodged after suffering a fall. However, if this does not happen, there are chances that your Bluetooth Speaker might work just fine. Nevertheless, you might want to be extra cautious if your Speaker comprises of Tantalum Capacitors.

2. Going Overboard

Sometimes, the users believe that More is always good. While this might be relevant for some cases and situations, it is a major No-No when it comes to Bluetooth Speakers. Do not presume that if you leave your Bluetooth speakers on charge for the rest of the night, you are doing a great favour to the device. On the contrary, you are only overheating your device, hence causing the delicate internal parts to eventually damage. There are also instances when the batteries have exploded due to overheating. The batteries are Lithium-ion fabricated; hence the damages can occur due to excessive heat. One must remember that once your charge has reached 25%, you will be alerted. Hence you are offered enough time for optimum charge before the batteries go completely dead. It is recommended to pull the plug on your charging once your device is 90% charged. Going beyond this severely damages your device making it age faster.

3. Dust-Off

Dust is one of the major culprits when it comes to damaging your electric devices eventually. Rapid and constant dust accumulation on your electronics tends to ‘choke’ internal engineering. Therefore, it is much recommended to cover the Bluetooth Speaker with the cover provided or purchase the cover separately to do so. Dust can cause major damages resulting in bad audio quality, which worsens with time. So, be sure to wipe away any dust from the surface or cover it entirely with a thin cloth. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean away the dust from the tiny areas in-between without causing eventual damage is also a good idea.

4. Too Loud, Too Much

Loud is never good for too long. While the entire concept of owning a Bluetooth speaker is to be able to play it loud. But did you know that it is a damaging idea? This is because of the Voice Coil situated within the speakers, which can heat up when the music is played out loud. This can increase with the loud volumes and eventually lead to permanent damages. While it is obvious for the users to enjoy loud music with the Bluetooth Speaker, it is recommended to keep the hours down for it to last longer.

5. Keep Them Cool

There are reasons for one to take caution when storing the Bluetooth speakers the right way. Storing them away from light, heat, and water is a must. This is because the Speaker comprise of the following sensitive parts:

  • Speaker Cone: not the one to be affected with either heat or cold; this is one of the more sturdy parts of the speakers. However, it is recommended to keep it safe and away from any harsh conditions.
  • Wire: This is rather delicate and can be affected by harsh hot and cold conditions.
  • The Magnets: The heat is bad for the magnets; on the other hand, the cold improves the magnetism.
  • Voice Coil: Once again, the heat is harmful to the Voice Coils, so be sure to protect it from the same.

Why Your Bluetooth Speakers Go Bad?: The Conclusion

Here are a few ways you can maintain your Bluetooth Speakers, to have them last longer:

  • Do not charge your speakers mid-way, be sure to do so when the device is discharged completely.
  • Be sure to protect the speakers from the Static electricity.
  • Keep the speakers not too cold or not too hot.
  • Avoid charging overnight.
  • Keep away from dust.
  • Keep away from water and liquids.
  • Offer room for ventilation.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

So, there you have it, people, all that you need to know to keep your speakers working just fine. With a few tips in hand, you can ensure that your Bluetooth Speakers stay a lot longer than expected from them.

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