LG Washing Machine Error Code List

What are the LG washer error codes? If you are the proud owner of an LG washing machine, you already know that the brand’s range of household appliances is solid in terms of endurance and performance. The brand is globally renowned for high-quality appliances. But what happens when you see an LG washing machine error code on your washer, and it won’t start or work at all?

There are quick and easy fixes in some cases, while in other cases, one might need a professional to look at your different LG washing machine fault codes. However, before troubleshooting can start, you must know what each error code means. Here are some of the main error codes and how they function for your appliance. Let’s take a closer look.

LG Washing Machine Error Code List

So now, without further delay, let us look at some of the most common LG washing machine error codes one might come across and some ways of potentially resolving the issues in question.

Error code CL: Child lock is engaged

If you see the LG washing machine error code CL, this means that the child lock is engaged. To release it, you will have to press the temp and eco/rapid buttons simultaneously for a period of about three to four seconds.

Error code OE: Unable to drain water

If you see an LG washing machine OE error, this means that you have a blockage that is preventing your washer from draining the water within it. In this case, you need to check for a few things before moving on to understanding if the drain pump is faulty. The Other potential problems might be related to the connections or the drain pump rotor.

Error code IE: Not filling with water

An LG washing machine error code IE means that the washing machine is not filling up with water as it should. To resolve this issue, you must first check that the water supply is on and that there are no blockages or obstructions within the air chamber or the pressure sensor hose.

Error code DE: Door is open

This is yet another LG washing machine fault error code. LG washing machine error codes mean that the washing machine’s door lock mechanism is problematic. While this is a rather common issue, the basic fix is to close the door yourself. If you cannot, it is important to check the door handle and safety lock for wear and tear.

Error code UE: Load imbalance

This is yet another LG washing machine fault error code that implies it to be a symptom of an imbalanced load in your washer. This can eventually prevent the spin cycle from working as it needs to. Keep in mind that the smaller loads lead to this error appearing as opposed to full loads.

Error code SE: Motor fault or issue with the main PCB

As this is quite a serious problem, it will require an expert to repair it, and it is highly recommended that you contact a professional LG washing machine repair engineer to help you solve this error code.

Error code CE: Short-circuiting of the motor or PCB

The main cause of this error code could be a fault with the machine, the main control module, the main drive motor or stator, or your home’s electrics. It is recommended that you get in touch with a professional to solve this issue.

Error code LE: Large loads of washing for certain cycles

If you see this particular LG washing machine error code LE, you most likely placed a large load of laundry in the washer on one of the following cycles: perm press, delicates, hand wash, or wool and silk. To resolve this issue, you must check that the washer’s door has been properly closed.

Error code FE: Machine is overfilling

The use of excessive detergent causes this error code. Nevertheless, it can also imply that there is an issue with the pressure sensor. In this case, you need to empty the washing machine and start the cycle from the beginning.

Error code TE: A problem with the water heater, element, or thermistor

For this error code to be resolved, one needs to get in touch with an experienced engineer who can check the heating element, thermistor, or temperature sensor, which could be the problems that are caused by continuity, resistance, wiring, or connection faults.

Error code PE: Water level pressure sensor fault

This error code is Related to the switch that monitors the water pressure levels within your LG washing machine. This could be related to an issue related to your main electronic controller. Firstly, try to reset the issue by disconnecting your washing machine from the main power supply, waiting for a few minutes, restarting the washer, and then the wash cycle.

Error code PF: Power failure

This error code is a result of an improperly connected power cord or a problem with the wiring or connections between the mains radio interface filter and control module, the PCB or main control card, or if there is a power cut during a wash cycle.

LG Washing Machine Error Code List: The Conclusion

These are some of the main LG top loader washer error codes. When your LG washing machine displays any of these error codes, it is possible to fix some of them easily. So, was this article helpful? Do let us know in the space below. We would love to hear from you.

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