Kent Zero Water Wastage Technology RO Water Purifiers Explained

Kent Zero Water Wastage Technology is the latest in eco-friendly Science that has been designed to help manage our water wastage. It is worth mentioning that not much has been done to conserve and save water reuse in our ecosystem and otherwise. With only 3% of water being safe for drinking purposes, it is the responsibility of humankind to be able to self-sustain the most important source of life on the planet. There has been some real irresponsible management of wastewater, leading to mass-wastage of the same when a huge part of the world population is struggling for clean drinking water.

However, the current technological trends have taken into account this major aspect of our ecosystem. The latest ‘Kent Zero Water Wastage technology’ has been specifically designed to ensure minimum water wastage occurs and a larger portion of the expelled water is once again recycled. So, how does this happen? Let us take a closer look:

Kent Zero Water Wastage Technology

It has been estimated that, on average, about 12 gallons of water is wasted due to drinking water filtration systems. Most water purifiers utilize the RO or the Reverse Osmosis method of purifying the water to make it suitable for drinking purposes. However, the kent RO zero wastage has initiated an attempt to minimize the wastage due to purification through the Zero water Wastage technology.

This latest technology comprises introducing the wastewater back into the purification cycle, which is done by cycling it back into the overhead tank. This genius takes on water recycling and comprises Multistage Purification technology. With a promise of 100% pure drinking water, the Kent RO also promises Zero water wastage.

The kent RO no water wastage comprises a unique technology where the essential minerals are retained while the impurities are efficiently eliminated. The rejected water is pumped back into an overhead tank via the pumping mechanism. Hence, two very important aspects of water conservation are taking place:

  • The water wastage is effectively limited in this RO purification method
  • The eliminated water is diluted in the overhead tank. It is further supplied for other vital household purposes like watering the plants, water in the bathroom Flush, water in the kitchen sink, and more.

The Advantages of the Kent Zero Wastage Technology

Let us take a look at some of the major benefits of the Zero Wastage technology:

  • The Problem of water wastage is greatly reduced, something that the other brands are yet to conquer.
  • The eliminated water is infused in a system such that it is utilized for various household activities like flushing the toilets, watering the garden, washing purposes, and more.
  • With the availability of the ‘Upgrade Kit’ provided by Kent, you can easily install this into the existing Kent purifier and make the most out of this technology.
  • One does not need to install a separate tank to used to collect the rejected water from this purifying system.

Some Water Wastage Facts

Here are some water wastage facts to know about:

  • A leaking tap can waste about 1 Liter of water at any given point in time.
  • A single flush of the Toilet utilizes 6 gallons of water.
  • A single individual wastes about 45 litres of water in a single day.
  • Approximately 12 gallons of water is wasted through any Reverse Osmosis water purifier system.
  • About 27% of water is utilized for bathing and washing purposes.

Why Kent RO Is Good For You?

There is more than one reason to opt for the KENT RO:

  • The product comprises the revolutionary Patented RO technology that has been designed to retain the essential minerals within the purified water.
  • With the Zero Water wastage technology, one can help conserve water and recycle wastewater for other household work. The recovery rate of the KENT Zero wastage technology is about 50%, and this is one of the highest water recoveries by a RO water filter brand.
  • With the Zero water wastage technology, this RO purifier ensures that the eliminated water is recirculated back into the tank to be able to reuse. This way, one can help conserve water with the help of an internal pump.
  • This particular water RO is credited with eliminating even dissolved impurities like Arsenic, Pesticides, and Rust. Also, it eradicates harmful Viruses and bacteria as well.

How To Reduce Water Wastage Around The House?

Now that we know about the Zero per cent wastage water purifier, let us do our bit to reduce water wastage around the house.

  • Ensure that all the bathroom faucets, taps, and pipes are not leaking unnecessarily; this can help save about 15 Gallons of water lost in this cause.
  • Be sure to turn Off the water when and as you brush your teeth at the wash basin, and this goes a long way in saving a large amount of water that is not unnecessarily allowed to flow away.
  • Keep your toilets clean and free from choking. This will ensure you do not overuse the water to flush off and clean the clogs occurring in the process.
  • The use of the Faucet Aerators can help save water in a big way. It is estimated that about 3-7 Gallons of water is wasted in the older faucet. With the installation of the latest faucets, only 1.5 gallons of water is lost per minute.
  • Utilize a nice zero wastage water filtration system that helps reduce the water wastage as much as possible.
  • Be sure that no water leakage occurs due to faulty faucets and pipes.
  • Do not wash vegetables, dishes, and other materials in continuously running water. Switch ON the tap as and when required while monitoring the water flow accordingly.

Kent Zero Water Wastage Technology: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, friends. All you need to know about the revolutionary zero water waste RO. It is time to do your bit for the Planet and help save the most important resource we have: water.

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