Benefits of Reading Books: Why is Book Reading Important?

The benefits of reading books are plentiful. ‘Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body,’ the famous saying goes. Books have been best friends to man since time immemorial. Man has always sought ways to ‘record’ his experiences. This started with paintings and impressions on stones and walls of the caves. The earliest known ink was made from leaves and flower extracts to ‘express’ their experiences. Also, various records show paintings that depict serious ‘findings,’ research, and study. It is interesting to know that scriptures in various forms were used regularly across different ages. Archaeology has uncovered various forms of record-keeping that are nothing short of ‘art’ and look beautiful. 

Benifits of reading

The earliest known ‘books’ were stones, leaves, animal skin, and clay. The early civilizations were elaborate and invested deep focus on the development of the script. They used symbols, figures, and also numbers to ‘write’ various accounts. This soon developed into more pronounced script formations that were comparatively easier to comprehend in modern times. These are a treasure of knowledge and records of the times gone by that offer us a rich insight into what these eras had in store. Later finds show the Clay tablets from Mesopotamia in the 3rd BC. To make these, clay was used and later ‘baked’ in the fire to solidify into a more permanent shape. Tablets were used until the 19th century in most parts of the world. Each of these findings depicts that humans loved to read and write. Literature is an important part of the human culture, and it has never left our side since the dawn of time. So, what are the benefits of reading books? Let us take a look at some of the most important ones.

The Benefits Of Reading Books

1. A Beautiful Mind

It is a well-known fact that reading books are great for mental stimulation. It enhances our thinking and offers a better insight into the art of understanding. Regular readers enjoy a better concentration and critical analysis. Hence, this offers the person to develop a heightened state of concentration in a general sense. This way, analysis skills and critical thinking are also developed in the brain that is subjected to regular reading.

2. The Word Bank

We love words. A sensible collection of words leads to the formation of language. The best way to discover new words and enhance your vocabulary is through reading. Often, we come across certain words that we do not know of. It is an exciting task to hunt the meaning of the word from the dictionary and further enhance our ‘word bank. Frequent reading allows the new words to somehow ‘assimilate’ into our regular language. This upgrades our vocabulary and utilization of these words in our daily lives. Thus, we grow ‘smart.’

3. A Stress Buster

Reading is a form of relaxation. Yes, if you need a positive way to relieve your tensions, nothing beats regular reading. This is because as you focus on ‘deciphering’ the words that you read, your mind activity stabilizes into a more balanced state of bliss. This helps in lowering the anxiety levels of the mind and, thus, helps you to relax. Also, as you allow yourself to ‘float’ within the pages of the books, you grow ‘happier.’

4. Down with Depressions

The study has revealed that reading helps in decreasing depressions in people. This is because, now, you can ‘read’ the various possibilities of imagination. As you watch your horizons expand within the worlds in your imaginations, you soon find yourself ‘loosen’ up. Various self-help books also offer a better insight into dealing with the challenges of life. Also, fiction, facts, and imagination within the pages allow you to ‘relate’ to others like you. This somehow eases your pain and gives you a better chance at ‘buffering out your depressions. Life is not all that bad after all.

5. Mind the Memory

It is a proven fact that regular reading helps enhance your memory function. This is because as you read, your mind automatically tries to retain what has been read so far. This way, your focus, and memory are sharpened with time. Reading also stimulates the memory control portion of the brain. Also, the overall focus of the brain is enhanced, as you need to strain and exercise your brain muscle to make out the words, sentences, and finally, to understand the image.

6. Good Readers are Good Writers

This is simple math. As you learn to enhance your language skills through reading, your writing also develops. At first, you are inspired by what you read. The various writing styles help enhance the language skills that help in overall writing abilities. It is recommended to read ‘one book in a day to have a sharp memory, improved language skills, writing abilities and communication manners. Big readers are great to talk to, are wonderful entertainers, and offer good knowledge about various topics.

7. Sound Sleep

Of course, with all that reading and writing, you are sure to sleep well. Good readers have a balanced sleep pattern that maintains overall good health. As you read, so do you destress and let go of all your anxieties. This offers to ‘de-clutter’ your brain from unwanted thoughts, thus, offering more room to relax and sleep. Many people have a good habit of reading a bit before they go to sleep. They often have a book by the bed that they love to grab before they hit the sack. Reading before bed relaxes your mind, body, and soul, this way putting you to sleep in a few minutes.

8. Entertainment Unlimited

Books are the best when it comes to ‘instant entertainment.’ You can always get hold of your favourite book from anywhere and have a great time. Books offer detailed insight into better imagination. These are often more detailed and colourful, as ‘sky is the limit.’ You can shape the characters you read about and ‘personalize’ them as you go about your reading. This is often more entertaining, as you get to exercise your abilities to imagine.

The Conclusion

A reader has no colour, background, race, or religion. Often, the power of words has propelled massive movements and revolutions. The power of the pen has often led to the upturn and downfall of various reigns and thrones. It is no wonder that ‘the pen is more powerful than the sword.’ Words have an impact like no other and are often used to express, impress and communicate. Reading is the ultimate treat for enhancing your personality. A good reader is often a great thinker, activist and has no limits when it comes to imagination. Therefore, it is recommended to read at least a book a month’ and gradually upgrade it to one book in a day. Treat yourself to the wide buffet of words to fulfil the appetite of the imaginary mind.