Difference Between TDS Controller and Mineraliser [2022]

The Difference Between TDS Controller and Mineraliser can offers you a major insight into which water purification system to opt for. As we know, clean drinking water is a major concern when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Also, the fact that the Indian population has been struggling with acquiring basic requirements like clean drinking water places further pressure on ensuring that we seek out methods, techniques, and technology to obtain the same. The TDS controller and Mineraliser are some of the major options when it comes to ‘treating’ water from questionable sources to make them more fit for everyday consumption. But, what is the TDS controller, and how is it different from the mineralizer? Let us explore the two individually:

Difference Between TDS Controller and Mineraliser

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is the number of metals and impurities present in the water body. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards, the safe TDS range of a given water body should fall between 150 to 500. So, what is a TDS controller, and how does it work? Well, before we plunge into the TDS controller Vs, Mineraliserdebate let us know a bit more about the TDS controller.

The TDS Controller is a water purifying device that further purifies the water that emerges from the water purifier. It works to control or balance the TDS values of the water from the purifier. It functions by:

  • The water first travels through the pre-filters, sediment filters, and Carbon Filters.
  • Next, the water flows through two separate extensions via a T-shaped’ tunnel’.
  • The First stream flows through the RO membrane to bring down the TDS values; it later flows to the UV chamber.
  • The other stream, or the second stream, is made to pass through the TDS controller, which also connects to the UV chamber.
  • Finally, both streams combine to be further treated by the UV lamp to eliminate bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and other harmful microbes. This finally treated water is stored in the tank for further use as required.

The TDS levels

TDS Level (mg/litre)


Less than 300





Not exactly fit for drinking

900 – 1200

Not fit for drinking

Beyond 1200


The Mineralizer

The Mineraliser implies the principle of Ionization and Electrolysis. This is done by acquiring variable voltage from the direct current that is passed through the ionization chamber to initiate the process of electrolysis in the water. The Positively charged Ions are released into the water through the Silver and Copper used in the device. These two metals are used because Silver and Copper have the properties to kill harmful germs and protect the water from Algae.

  • No side effects are found from the use of a Mineralizer.
  • Positively charged ions are released through the mineralizer to purify the water.
  • Acidic water is produced in the Positive terminal of the mineralizer
  • The Alkaline water is produced at the Negative terminal of the device.
  • The benefits of both Silver and Copper are applied to the use of the mineralizer when it comes to being used for water purification.
  • The Mineralisers are also known as the Mineral Cartridge.

Mineraliser Vs TDS Controller: The Table



Silver and Copper Ions are released in case of the TDS controller does not work as Anti-oxidant agents.

The Silver and Copper Ions Released from the Mineralizer help purify the water to the highest degree.

The TDS controller control or completely remove the heavy solids from the water body.

Mineralizer is the upgraded version of the TDS controller.

The water purified from the TDS controller does not enhance the taste or odor of the water

Both the taste and the odor of the water are enhanced when it is treated through the Mineralizer

There is no guarantee of the retention of essential elements in the water after it is treated by the TDS controller.

The essential minerals and elements in the water are retained as and when it is treated by the Mineralizer.

The level of the TDS controller is different for different models of the water purifier

The integration of the Mineralizer is the same in the case of all water purifiers.

TDS has a limited level of function when it comes to the elimination of toxicity and retaining its balance.

The Mineralizer can completely remove the heavy materials from the water body while retaining its balance.

The TDS controller cannot retain back the lost minerals in the purified water.

The mineralizer retains back the essential minerals that were lost during the purification process in the RO

There is a loss in the quantity of the water as it is purified from the TDS controller

100% of the water is purified through the Mineralizer.

All Heavy metals and minerals are not removed; only the TDS value of the water is balanced

The minerals and Metals are easily eliminated as they are purified by the Mineralizer

This is a tiny device

The Mineralizer is as large as a regular cartridge

The TDS controller is affordable

The Mineralisers are rated at more than INR 500.

Difference Between TDS Controller and Mineraliser: The Conclusion

Now that you know what is the difference between Mineraliser and TDS Controller? selecting the right device for yourself should be easy. However, this is our suggestion:

Mineralizer: Mineralizers are devices that come in-built with the RO purifier. This is a perfect device if you have detected harmful levels of Arsenic and Lead in your water resources. However, you cannot control the TDS levels with the help of the Mineraliser.

TDS Controller: These are tiny little devices that can be used for the simple process of controlling the TDS levels of the water. These are especially essential for water sources with alarming TDS levels detected in them.