Does a Fully Automatic Machines Dry Clothes?

Does a Fully Automatic Machines Dry Clothes? Yes, it sure does, and it is good at it too. The washing machine is one of the” most essential home appliances that we can rely (heavily) upon. Ask any person who washes the clothes in the house, and they will openly declare the fact that his/her washing machine is irreplaceable and one cannot imagine their life without it. Literally, imagine having to do all the clothes, curtains, bedsheets, and more manually! Well, not long ago, women were confined to washing clothes by hand with a limited water supply. Some, in places like India, also had to walk a certain distance to get the deed done. 

Well, thankfully, the advent of technology has taken a huge chunk of the load off our chores. At least women have a lot to thank for the Industrial Revolution that changed our lives forever. Returning to the washing machine’s charms, these continue to develop and innovate at break-neck speed. Today, we have the all-cool, fully automatic washing machine, which ensures that both washing and drying take place within the same tub. This way, you no longer have to shift the clothes from the wash tub to the spin tub like the traditional washing machines. However, you need to remember that there is (yet) no machine in the world that can completely 100% dry out the clothes. So, when it comes to the question of whether one Can fully automatically machine dry clothes? Sure, they can, but not completely, and you will still need to ‘air-dry’ them.

Does a Fully Automatic Machines Dry Clothes?

Well, this is relatively simple. The washing machine comprises various settings and controls, so you will quickly locate the ‘Spin’ option. This allows the user to simply press and allow the washing machine to dry out the clothes for you. The cycle is initiated, thus, allowing the clothes to be dry after the spin is completed. However, you will never achieve 100% dry clothes results and will still need to air dry the clothes on the rack outside. Essentially, the machine spin cycle can dry the clothes up to 70 – 80 % only, and the rest needs to be done by exposure to natural air and sunshine.


The fully automatic washing machine is not equipped with the ‘technology’ to dry out the clothes completely. However, as mentioned earlier, you can achieve about 70-80% of dry clothes after the end of the dry cycle.

Any washing machine comprises the Wash function and the Spin Function. The Spin function works by extracting all the water from the wet clothes, hence leaving them damp as compared to the initial wet. The main function of the Spin cycle comprises introducing the wet clothes to hot or warm air within the tub in order to dry them. Likewise, this is altered with the cold air drawn into the tub with the help of a fan during the air intake. The air gets pulled toward the heating element within the machine, thus, turning the cool air into warm or hot air. The thermostat manages the heating element that switches ON and OFF regularly to avoid any cases of overheating in order to prevent the clothes from being damaged due to heat. The drum or tub of the washing machine comprises multiple ‘Holes’ that allow the warm air to enter as the drum rotates. This is when and how the air gets circulated all across the drum and around the wet clothes. In order to ensure maximum drying results, it is recommended that you entangle the clothes after the wash cycle and then spin them up, in order to ensure maximum drying to take place.

No, one cannot achieve 100% dry clothes in a washing machine. However, about 70-80% of the clothes do dry up. For the complete drying up, you will have to spread and hang the clothes in the open under natural air and Sunlight. The other tip, as mentioned earlier, is to ensure that you de-tangle the wet clothes before you run the Dry/Spin cycle in order to ensure maximum effects of the dry cycle.

You can, but it will only damage both the machine and the dryer. So, we don’t want to do that. As for the process of being able to clean the shoes in a washing machine, you can easily clean the shoes in a washing machine, but there are a few dos and don’ts to take care of. To start with, always use low to cold water temperatures when selecting your wash cycle. Also, plopping a couple of towels along with your shoes into the washing machine will ensure that your shoes do not ‘get’ held up along the machinery of the washing machine. Once done, simply air-dry your shoes overnight.

While a lot of this depends upon the kind of model you have chosen for yourself, nevertheless, a basic dry-cycle in a washing machine can take anywhere around 45 minutes to complete. Also, if you have selected the ‘Gentle wash,’ this can take around 15 minutes to complete.

Does a Fully Automatic Machines Dry Clothes?: The Conclusion

Is it possible to dry clothes in a fully automatic washing machine? Well, it sure is. However, as the article talks in detail about the various aspects of using the washing machine for drying purposes, you must take account of the same. The dry-wash option in the fully automatic washing machine is a bonus, where you do not have to manually pull out the wet clothes and transfer them over to the Spin tub to dry out. The best part is that a fully automatic washing machine is compact, time-saving, space-saving, and a great deal of convenience; also one of my favourite appliances around the house.

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