9 Most Important Features Of Laptops You Can’t Ignore

The features of laptops can make all the difference to the way you use the device. When purchasing a laptop, we usually focus on the brand or the make. Not that this is irrelevant; nevertheless, features need to be considered just as much. However, the fast-moving trends in technology have forced users to consider their purchases. After all, who wants to keep replacing a device just because the new one on the block is faster? Not just that, but the rapid upgrade in the tech world has forced various models out of the market altogether. The reasons for this could be the change in the economy or the fierce competition that the new launch causes. Thankfully, the upgrade trends have grown a tad bit longer, thus, offering the users much relief of retaining their devices for years to come. The trick is to watch out for the features that are long-serving. So which are the features of a good laptop? Let us take a look:

features of laptop
usb C and Thunderbolt Ports

The USB ports are one of the most relevant ports out there. One can easily connect multiple accessories like flash drives, chargers, and docking stations. While the USB type A can also offer you this ease nevertheless, the USB-C is a game-changer. Some of the major benefits of a USB C port are:

  • One can easily access external monitors, power your device, and perform copy-pasting of files from the same port.
  • One cannot go wrong when it comes to fixing it through the USB-C port, as attachments can be done in any direction.
  • Certain adaptors work only with the USB-C port, making it easier to use without much thought.
  • It is also easy to access the Thunderbolt 3 via the USB C port, which is featured in most recent models. This is haven-sent for users who need more power for their function and nature of work. This allows you to connect two or more 4K monitors through a single wire, transfer files to external devices or connect the laptop through external video cards.

2. The Screens: High Resolution

Screen REsolution

The high-resolution screens are among the best laptop features required in the latest model. It is essential to ensure you have purchased a fine-looking high-resolution device, as entertainment, online streaming, and more are the norm. Also, scroll-time is greatly reduced with the high-resolution screen by your side. On a good budget, investing in a 4K screen is often a good idea. Nevertheless, one must bear in mind that high-resolution can drain your battery faster.

3. The Displays: OLED and Beyond


Quite rare, yet desirable, the OLED displays are what can turn a laptop into a hi-tech device. This can make all the difference, as more colours and brighter pictures appear better on an OLED display. Also, these save big on battery life, especially if you use Black wallpaper.

4. NVME m.2 SSDs

SSD or Solid-State Drive

While the SSD is any time better than the HDD, they are also known to offer the required boost. This results in the apps loading all the faster, smoother navigation, speedy copy-paste features, and more. While this can be said for the SSD, if you wish for more speed, opt for the NVME m.2, which is the ultimate when it comes to power and speed.

5. Convertible Laptops

HP Pavilion x360

A convertible laptop can be a great asset for those of you who are always on the go. This allows you to perform various tasks when you are travelling, as the keyboard does not hinder your movements. You simply have to switch on the tablet mode when required and utilize the touch controls as needed. However, these do come with a price tag and are a bit scroogey on the battery life.

6. Expendable RAM


This is among the most wanted features of laptops for students. The best part is that most of the latest models have this feature included within. With the expandable RAM, one can easily upgrade as and when required. More the RAM, better is the upgrade in the future. One must also bear in mind that this is one of the most important features, as it is relevant for all kinds of users; office-goers, regulars, gamers, and others. To be on the safe side, ensure that your laptop comprises 8 GB of memory to start with.

7. 802.11ac Wi-Fi


Nice Wi-Fi technology is among the latest laptop feature, usually ignored most times. While different models utilize various technology, the impact is relevant. The latest talk of the town is the 802.11ac Wi-Fi. This bad-boy can offer you a speed of three to ten times more than the regular Wi-Fi. Also, the connection strength is much better, thus offering you seamless connectivity for a long duration. However, one must buy a new router, though not expensive, but is necessary for this technology.

8. HDMI Port

HDMI 2.1

One of the most understated ports of all time, the HDMI demands respect. This port is all about advantage, as it offers multiple functions like more data simultaneously, connection to another external screen, and more. This port finds huge applications in media-based peripherals like the Audio device.

9. The Anti-Glare

anti glare screens

This is yet another much-required feature of laptops that can make all the difference to the user. This offers comfort in brightly lit areas, thus giving you the accessibility of use at any place and all places. So, next time you buy a laptop, make sure it has an anti-glare coating.

Features of Laptops: The Conclusion

These were some of the much-needed features for the latest laptop models that can make a lot of difference for the user. It is much needed to opt for these attributes in case if you are going for high specifications on a laptop. Also, as mentioned earlier, an upgrade to a newer model is not an option for all. Hence, these features assist in ensuring you are ‘well-covered.’