Gold Fin Vs. Blue Fin Condenser Coils in AC- Which Works Better?

The debate over Gold Fin Vs. Blue Fin Condenser Coils in AC is a serious one. Often, when we purchase a brand new Air-conditioner, we barely notice the Condenser Coils’ importance, here you will also get the idea regarding blue fin vs gold fin. Not many know, but the Condenser Coils are vital for the overall performance of any Air-conditioner. For a better understanding, let us take a look at the basic working of an Air-Conditioner. 

How AC works

Simply put, the Air conditioner extracts the ‘heat’ from the air indoors and releases it outdoors. Thus, resulting in an overall cooling effect. But, how does this happen? What are the various steps and parts that participate in the overall working of an Air Conditioner? To understand better the Air Conditioner comprises of ‘Five’ mechanicals parts or components:

    • The Compressor
    • The Condenser
    • The Evaporator Coil
    • The Blower
    • The Chemical
    • Refrigerant

To understand the importance of Condenser Coils, we need to take a look inside the ‘Condenser Unit’ of the Air Conditioner. This comprises the Condensing Coils, Compressor, and a Fan. This is the ‘Hot’ part of the Air conditioner. This unit is located outside your home.

The Mechanics Behind The Cooling

Just like the ‘Hot part,’ there also is a ‘Cold Part’ of the Air Conditioner. This comprises the Expansion Valve and the Cold Coil. This is collectively known as the ‘Furnace’ of your machine. The air is blown through the ‘Evaporator Coil,’ thus, cooling the air in the process. This is the cool air that is circulated across your house or room via the air ducts. 

Likewise, The ‘Compressor’ unit of the Air-conditioner is the main part of the machine. Here, it functions as a ‘pump’ that causes the refrigerant to circulate across the system. It works by drawing-in the low-pressure, low-temperature refrigerant, which is in gas-form, and then compress it. This causes the rise in pressure and temperature of the gas refrigerant. This is now allowed to circulate through the ‘Condenser Coils.’ Here the question arises about Blue Fin Vs Gold Fin Condenser Coil in AC. But, before that, we need to understand the importance of the Coils in the first place. 

The Coils

These are simply a series of pipes with a fan attached to them. The function of the fan is to circulate the outside air throughout the coils as it functions. This is known as the Condenser Coils. The refrigerant circulates ‘through’ the Condenser Coil, and the cool air from the outside circulates ‘across’ the coils. This way, the refrigerant’s heat is absorbed in the process, leading it to condense from the Gaseous state to the Liquid State. The resulting high-pressure, high-temperature liquid proceeds to the Expansion Valve. 

Likewise, the ‘Evaporator Coil’ is yet another set of pipes that are connected to the furnace. This way, the indoor air is blown across the Evaporator coils, thus, absorbing the heat in the process. The resulting cool air is finally released into the room with the help of ‘Air Ducts.’ The refrigerant is then circulated back to the compressor for the cycle to start all over again. 

So, now we know that the Condenser Coils are vital for the efficiency of the Air Conditioner. These are made from two metals, Copper and Aluminium, here you will get the gold fin vs blue fin. Therefore, to maintain the overall functioning of the Coils, the ‘Fins’ come into the picture. The Fins are coatings over the condenser coils that are used to reduce corrosion. This helps in enhancing the overall performance of the Air Conditioner. So, what is the difference between Gold Fin VS Blue Fin CondenserCoils in AC? Let us find out: 

What are Gold Fin Condenser Coils?


These are known to be the best for protecting the Condensor Coils from harsh climatic conditions. Not just that, but the Gold Fin technology is effective against moisture and humidity. Most Air Conditioners manufacturers utilize Copper Coils for better performance. But, these are expensive. So, to cut down the costs, Aluminium was used for the manufacturing of the Condenser coils. To further enhance the performance while keeping the costs in check, Aluminium coils were ‘welded’ into Copper tubes. While the performance is enhanced, however, the Galvanic Corrosion was a resulting issue.

The Chemical Compositon Of Gold Fin Condenser

To tackle this, the manufacturers have come up with the revolutionary Golden Hydrophilic coating over the Condensor coils. These are anti-corrosive Gold nano-coating. Various companies utilize Titanium Dioxide for Gold Fin Condenser.


    • These are better in comparison to the Blue Fin Condenser coils.
    •  Are more effective against the effects of Corrosion.
    •  The efficiency of the heat transfer is enhanced as the defrosting process is sped-up.
    • These are Eco-friendly and safe for usage.


    • Is expensive

What are Blue Fin Condenser Coils?


Likewise, the Blue Fin Condenser Coils are used as an anti-corrosive coating applied over the Condenser coils. These are Epoxy coating over the coils that enhance the Ac’s resistance to harsh weather conditions. This way, the durability of the Air-conditioner is enhanced to give you a longer life span. The Blue Fin Condenser Coils help reduce the repair and replacement of the condenser tubes in the long run. 

The Chemical Compositon Of Blue Fin Condenser

To elaborate, the Blue Fin is cured or uncured Prepolymers. Here, the Epoxy Resin is cured into Thermoset Polymers, which have higher levels of resistance. The Epoxy compound is a Hydrophilic compound, which means it does not allows water to settle over it. 


    • These help in the protection against Salt, Acid deposits. Also, from water droplets, thus, avoiding corrosion.
    • Helps improve the heat transfer, thus, enhancing the cooling capacity of the AC.
    • Is energy efficient.
    • Overall performance and efficiency are enhanced in a Blue Fin Technology Condenser.


    • Not a great high resistant agent. 

Gold Fin Vs. Blue Fin Condenser Coils: Difference Between Gold Fin And Blue Fin Condensers Coils


So, in a nutshell, when it comes to Gold Fin Vs Blue Fin in AC, here are the main differences: 






Less In Comparison



Less Speedy



Not As Much



Not As Good



Not As Good



Moderate In Comparison

The Conclusion- Which one is better?

Corrosion is a significant issue endured by most electric appliances. As an air-conditioner is one of the essential home appliances, it also requires proper protection. To enhance the overall efficiency of the Condensor coils, its protection from corrosion is necessary. This is mainly because the heat transfer takes place between the coils and the direct atmosphere. For this, corrosion due to water, dirt, and deposits is a natural occurrence. 

However, if the corrosion is not taken care of, this can lead to ‘leaks’ within the coils. This is a major problem, as fixing this is a hard task. Likewise, if you are residing in Humid locations, the air is loaded with water vapours. Also, the air is rich in Salt and moisture. Thus, corrosion is higher in comparison to dry climates. 

Galvanic Corrosion is yet another issue faced by most designs. This results when the aluminium coils are welded into Copper Coils to bring down the cost. Also known as ‘Bimetallic Corrosion,’ this occurs when two different metals come in close contact with each other in the presence of an Electrolyte. This is a basic ‘Electrochemical’ process where one metal corrodes more quickly as compared to the other one in an Electrolytic environment. 

Formicary Corrosion is yet another form of corrosion. However, this is exclusive only to Copper and Copper Alloys. This occurs when Formic Acid and Acetic Acids somehow penetrate the air conditioning system to corrode it. These are generally known as the VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds normally found indoors. So, we need to protect our air conditioning condenser coils by applying two methods: the Gold Fin technology or the Blue Fin technology, hope you loved reading about blue fin vs gold fin. 

ON A BUDGET: We all love to save. So, go for the Blue Fin technology in this case. The results are almost the same. You are offered protection from corrosive agents and can also save money in the process. 

ONE-TIME INVESTMENT: Feeling rich? Well, why not invest in an Air conditioning system that will serve you for years to come. Go for the Gold Fin technology in this case. This is high on efficiency and is also great for the environment. These are also non-toxic, making them a perfect choice for your family. 

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