How to Use Tub Clean Mode in IFB Washing Machine?

How to Use Tub Clean Mode in IFB Washing Machine? Well, we are here to tell you exactly how and a lot more. But before that, let us look at the brand IFB and what makes it so special. The brand is one of the leading names when launching some of the top washing machine technologies out there. With the ever-challenging market, the brand has managed to stay aloft and introduce some breakthrough innovations. The tub clean mode in ifb washing machine top load is one such feature that has brought in many great reviews and feedback. So, let us look at some of the main aspects of this mode and what makes it so special. 

How to Use Tub Clean Mode in IFB Washing Machine?

This is a special mode in the IFB washing machine that makes drum-cleaning an easy task. As most washing machine users might know, cleaning the drum of the washing machine is also essential, as this can lead to the un-hygienic cycle over and over again. The model is featured in all front-load and top-load washing machines from the brand. The feature specializes in removing dirt, grime, and other after-wash build-up common in a washing machine. With the help of this mode, you can easily and effectively remove all the grime accumulated over time. This also includes the likes of bacteria, moulds, and other such agents.

How Do I Use The Tub Clean Setting?

Now let us get into how best to use the tub clean settings when you have to get that drum cleaned up real good:

Things Required

  • Descale of IFB brand- 2 packets
  • A soft cloth or towel

The use of the descale depends upon how dirty your drum is. 

Step 1: To Add the Descale in the Drum

Start by adding the descale into/within the drum of your washing machine. As for the basics, you need to add one packet of the descale to the drum of the washing machine and the other packet into the dispenser drawer. Now shut the washing machine door.

Step 2: Turn ON the Washing Machine

Now it is time to switch On the washing machine. For this, start by scrolling the dial of the mode clockwise to initiate the ‘Tub Clean Option.’ This will display the time and temperature you are required to run the mode on. As mentioned earlier, this selection has to be made according to how dirty your drum is. This can usually range between 60 to 120 minutes. At the end of the wash cycle, the dirty water is automatically drained out from the tub, and the ‘END’ will be displayed once this is done.

Step 3: To Wash Clean the Drum

The final step of IFB drum cleaning is for you to manually clean the tub dry with the help of a clean, dry towel. During this step, be sure to check for any leftover detergent residues. 

The Tub Clean Mode in IFB Washing Machine Front Load

Now let us look at what the Tub Clean mode is like in the IFB front load model. To start with, the high temperatures are highly favourable when it comes to getting rid of the grease and the grime that accumulate over time in and around the various machinery of the washing machine. This is exactly what the ‘Tub Clean model in the IFB washing machine offers, as opposed to the ‘Soiled Mode’ also available in the settings. 

  • Take two pouches of the descale powder to clean the washing machine drum. These are easily available exclusively from the IFB merchandise. 
  • Now open the drawer of the detergent dispenser on the machine’s top right side and empty the descale pouch. 
  • Empty out a single descale packet into the drum. This is a simple process where you simply open the packet and empty out the product into the tub of the front load washing machine, and shut the lid. 
  • Next, Power ON the washing machine.
  • Now turn the scroll over to the ‘Tub Clean’ option. 
  • This will show on the ‘Display panel’ as ‘Spin Dry /Tub clean.’ 
  • Select the option for the Tub Clean as instructed on the display panel,
  • Once you have pressed to select the Tub Clean mode, you will notice the temperature and the Time duration for the Tub Clean mode to complete the cycle. 
  • Now press ‘start.’
  • Again, This will display the ‘Door lock/Child lock’ option on the panel. 
  • Once you have made your selection from the above options, you will see another display, ‘MainWash: Water Fill Tub Clean.
  • Take note that the temperature of the water in the machine will also rise to a certain limit resulting in the lid heating up a bit. 
  • After the Wash cycle, the machine will embark on the ‘Rinse Cycle.’
  • Once the water has drained out, your Tub Clean mode is completed. 
  • Now check for the rubber gasket lining the opening of the front load washing machine where the grime has been cleaned out. 
  • Next, as for the detergent dispenser, you will need to extract it out and manually clean it for the final touches.
  • Also, as the washing machine has just endured a wash cycle using water, it is recommended that you take a simple clean and dry cloth or a towel and wipe off the residual wetness from the inner side of the drum. 
  • Finally, be sure to use a dry towel to clean up the remaining residues, debris, and dirt from the other parts of the washing machine. 

How Do I Select My IFB Washing Machine?

Well, that is truly subjective. If you have a knee or a back problem, then you need to select the ‘Top load model.’ If you have a huge load of dirty clothes to take care of, it is the Front load for you.

How to Use Tub Clean Mode in IFB Washing Machine?: The Conclusion

Now that you know What is tub clean mode in IFB Washing machines? It is time to get your hands on these super-efficient washing machines that have been designed with the latest technology and engineered for the user’s comfort. 

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