How to wash a Blanket in a Panasonic Washing Machine?

How to wash a Blanket in a Panasonic Washing Machine? Well, washing blankets can be quite a tedious task. While doing so manually is generally off-limits, nevertheless, opting for a dry-cleaning service every single time is not feasible or many. So, what do you do? While we cannot testify for all the washing machine brands and models, however, the Panasonic washing machines sure are great. These feature specific programs/functions for the sole purpose of being able to wash your blanket. Now, let us delve straight into the process of being able to Wash blankets in a Panasonic machine. 

How to wash a Blanket in a Panasonic Washing Machine?

One of the best parts about the Panasonic washing machine is that it has a special ‘Blanket wash’ feature in it. However, bear in mind that this is available only in the ‘Fully Automatic’ model. So let’s take a look at the steps involved in using this feature:

Things to Consider

  • You need to be able to ‘Fold’ the blanket in a certain manner in order to load it correctly into the washing machine.
  • Be sure to use the liquid detergent for the washing purpose. Also, it is advised to go for a brand that has been recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Fold the Blanket Correctly to Load it?

  • Start by folding the blanket in the Quarter.
  • Next, fold it In an ‘M’ shape.
  • Compress and load the folded blanket into the tub and push slightly.
  • Be sure to position both Ends of the blankets ‘face-down’ into the tub in order to prevent it from flying out during the spin

Operating the Blanket Wash Program

  • Start by pressing ‘Program’ repeatedly till you arrive at the ‘Bedding’ Cycle.
  • Select the water level:
    •  74 L- 99L for NA-FS95G3
    • 72L-98 L for NA-FS85G3
  • Select Water temperature-
  • Set the Finish time-
  • Now Press ‘Start’
  • Open the lid, and pour the liquid detergent as required and in the right amount.
  • Bear in mind that the blankets generally do not absorb water that easily.
  • It is recommended to push the blanket down from the top once the water has filled to a certain level, as you will notice that it keeps popping up.

Note: Avoid washing Mink blankets in the washing machine; instead, take them to a professional.

Tips on How to Wash the Woolen in a Washing Machine

There is quite a lot going on in the wash technology lately, and the results are impressive. Now, more and more brands are on their toes, trying to please the users. Some time back, washing your woollen in the washing machine was a major no-no. However, now, with the right know-how, you can easily get freshly washed woollens in no time from the comfort of your home with the help of the washing machine.

1. Wash When Required

While washing your woollen in a washing machine is very easy, you need to do this only when required.

2. The Instructions

This includes the instructions on the washing machine, your woollen garments, and also what your mother tells you! Be sure to check out the very clear washing instructions that are offered in the machine manual. This can include the wash program, how to get there, and also the kind of detergent that you might need to use.

3. The Right Wash Program

As we know, wool is not your regular fabric. Hence special care needs to be taken in order to wash it as well. This is why it is important to know how to select the right wash program when cleaning your woollen. Be sure to select either the ‘Delicate wash’ or the ‘Woolen wash’ when cleaning your woollen fabrics.

4. The Right Detergent

Your woollens are precious; hence they require the right kind of care when it comes to cleaning as well. Hence when washing them in the washing machine, be sure to use the exact liquid/woollen-friendly detergent for the purpose.

5. The Water Temperature

Did you know that you need to be careful with the water temperature when dealing with woollen? Yes, this is in order to ensure that the fabrics remain intact and are not damaged in the long run.

6. The Heavy Side First

Have you noticed funny thumping noises sometimes emerging from the washing machine during the wash cycle? Well, this is mainly due to the fact that your machine is facing a ‘dis-balance’ of weights. For this, first load the heaviest items, followed by the rest. This will ensure uniformity in the manner in which the wash takes place for all the woollens placed.

7. Dry It Right

We often notice that our woollens have suddenly ‘elongated’ or sagged, often de-shaping in the process. To avoid this, do not machine dry or hang out your clothes to dry. Instead, simply lay them out on a flat surface to air-dry normally. This is a life-saving tip (at least for me) as this way, your woollens will remain the same size you bought them in.

About Panasonic

Panasonic is one of the top brands that has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. The brand name is associated with quality products and services like rechargeable batteries, avionic systems, automotive systems, and industrial systems, along with home renovations and constructions. The Panasonic washing machines are one of the best. These have been crafted with utmost care to ensure that the user’s comfort is the top priority. The Panasonic washing machines are one of the best sellers as they have high quality, are efficient, and are also reliable. The best part is that these washing machines remain ‘loyal’ to serving you for years to come.

How to wash a Blanket in a Panasonic Washing Machine?: The Conclusion

Washing blankets can be a herculean task. However, Panasonic automatic brings you the benefits of having a function dedicated specially for this purpose. Now, you no longer have to suffer stinky blankets simply because you are still contemplating your options. You simply have to pop in your blanket the right way into the tub and allow the machine to do the rest.

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