What is AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC? [2022]

AI mode in LG dual Inverter AC is what has revolutionized the way we perceive our cooling technology. Artificial Intelligence or AI has found widespread application in the technological aspect of home and kitchen appliances. While this might be far-fetched from the ‘machines taking over mankind’ theme, for now, technology is here to serve our purpose. Hence, the AI mode found in the latest LG Air conditioner models has been a stellar bestseller. But what is all the hype about, and is it worth it? Let us take a look:

AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC

The AI mode in LG dual inverter ac offers to do the job for us without us having to ‘rack our brains’ about why ‘we don’t feel right when the machine seems to be working just fine. Well, here is the thing, the AI mode in LG AC adjusts the temperature among various other features in the Air conditioner. Also known as the Auto Operation mode, the fan speed is set automatically according to the room temperature.

How to Use the AI Mode In LG Inverter AC?

  • First, switch ON the AC unit on and press the POWER switch ON.
  • Now press the ‘Mode’ button on the remote on a repeat and select Auto-Operation.
  • After this, press the UP or Down arrows options till you get the desired operation code. This is in case the temperature is high or low.
  • The LG Air Conditioner with AI mode comprises five different options ranging from 2 to (-2). Here, the various temperatures represent:

2- Represents Cold
1- Mild Cold
0- room temperature
(-1) a bit hot
(-2) Hotter

The best part about the LG air conditioners with AI mode is that all your temperature details are easily displayed on the AC LED. The only limit to this feature is that you cannot operate the fan speed using this feature. However, the air deflector can be rotated automatically. Finally, the AI mode is available on the cooling-only Model.

The Advantages of the AI Mode

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of  LG dual inverter ai mode:

  • This feature offers the ease of use expected from the AI mode.
  • The AI feature automatically ‘senses’ the need of the individuals in the room and adjusts the temperature and other parameters accordingly.
  • What’s more, this mode is also a great saver, as it automatically adjusts the temperature requirements even when the room is empty or with fewer members. 
  • The best part about the AI mode is that it offers to cool the room quickly. One can expect a complete ‘chill experience’ within the first 15 minutes. 
  • As mentioned earlier, the Power savings are great in the AI mode, and one can expect to save up to 40% in electricity bills despite full capacity. 
  • Likewise, this mode also offers a much-prized silent operation. With the zero disturbance experience, this is a perfect choice when dealing with ‘light sleepers,’ elders, and babies. 
  • Another winning aspect of this product is that it does not occupy much space. The aesthetics of the Air conditioners are so good that it manages to look good in any interior, room, and setup. The design is compact and sleek, thus, offering the user the kind of ‘clutter-free’ view of the appliance within their space. 
  • As for the Price tag, this product from LG is a bestseller also because of being affordable. The price range of the AI Mode in LG dual AC is well within the 50K brackets. 
  • The other remarkable features of the product are a 4-way swing, HD Filter, Anti-Virus Protection, Intelligent Cooling mode, and ADC Sensors. 

What to Watch Out For When Purchasing the AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC:

Now that you have zeroed upon the fact that the LG dual inverter ai mode is the perfect pick for you, let us take a look at some of the features in the Air conditioner you should watch out for: 

The Chassis Type

When looking out for the Chassis type, you must understand the type you are dealing with. While some might be heavy, others will be light. Likewise, others are detachable types as well. However, one must always opt for the lightweight option, as it is easy to deal with, install and transport when required. However, in the case of the Windows AC, it is recommended that you opt for the Slide Out choice in the Chassis type.

The BTU Output

The BTU output, or the British Thermal Unit, is the measurement of the energy required to heat or cool a certain space according to its size. So, the higher the BTU value higher is the energy required. Hence, when selecting the right product, ensure that the BTU is not too high or not too low, as it can hinder performance.

The Star Rating

The Star Rating is one of the major factors that most users are advised to look up when selecting an electrical appliance for the home. The Star rating of the Air Conditioner offers an idea about what the energy consumption is going to be for a certain model. To keep it simple, the more Stars, the better the energy-saving capacity of the appliance. A three-star or a Five star is a good choice when it comes to Air conditioners.

The Fan Controls

With technological advancements approaching at break-neck speed, it is recommended to be sure to stay updated. One such aspect is the fan speed feature, which should have at least offered you three different speed settings. Your choice of AC should be able to give you the freedom to control your fan speed according to your needs.

The Digital Display

The digital display is one of the best features to watch out for in the Air Conditioner. This way, you will be able to check out what you need to operate, monitor, and adjust without having to get up every time. Now, you will have all your operations displayed digitally that are easy to decipher.

AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, friends. It is time to get shopping and purchase the latest AC technology by LG that offers the user some of the best comforts. However, be sure to check out all the features, operations, and other latest technology in an Air conditioner that may help you with optimum comfort.