Bluetooth Speaker Vs Smart Speaker: What is The Difference?

Bluetooth Speaker Vs Smart Speakers is the latest ongoing debate amongst the techies and the non-techies alike. But there is no denying the fact that the speakers are a necessary part of our everyday ‘gadgetry.’ But with the technological advancement taking place at light speed, we are showered with options. As a result, we hardly have time to keep up with the latest trends. Speaking of which, the Speakers have come a long way from bulky, heavyset pieces of electronics to more user-friendly portable devices. Thanks to the AI intervention in the world of technology, our gadgets are soon growing ‘to be more human.’ So, Smart Speaker or Bluetooth Speaker which is better? To know better, it is important to take a closer look at each of these devices.

bluetooth speaker vs smart speaker
bluetooth speaker

These are the regular wireless speakers that were first launched about a decade ago. These are more or fewer extensions of your phone and function to play whatever is going on it. These can be coupled with tablets, PC, computers, or phones. The setting up of the Bluetooth speaker is a simple one that does not require any additional app. So, whatever is being played on your connected system is being played through the speaker as well. This includes any calls being made across the system as well. Any notifications or alerts are also played via the Bluetooth speakers. Smart Speaker vs Bluetooth Speaker which is better? We will look into that in a while. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth Speakers are portable, small, also battery-powered devices. Some of the models also comprise microphones so that they can work like speakerphones.

The Advantages of the Bluetooth Speakers

1. Portability

Which is better, Smart Speaker or Bluetooth Speaker? In terms of mobility and ease of use, the latter is better. This is a great device to be carried about with or taken along to the parks or garden. However, it has to be a battery-powered speaker in case you need to party around with it.

2. The Music

You have a selected playlist that you want to play normally. For this, the Bluetooth speakers are just fine. This way, your self-composed music walks with you, and you just have to hit the play button for it to play.

3. The Podcast

If you are more into Podcasts, then the Bluetooth speakers are just for you. This cannot be accessed with the Voice Commands.

4. The Setup

Among the other difference between Smart Speaker and Bluetooth Speaker is the ease of setup. The Bluetooth speakers do not have a very complicated setup requirement and can comply with the basic setup aspects. One can do it themselves by simply following a few basic instructions.

5. The Pair-Up

People with Bluetooth accessibility can easily pair up with the device and get going with the music; hence, more than one person can use it.

The Smart Speakers

smart speaker

These are internet-connected devices that require a stable Wi-Fi connection to function. So, when you compare Smart Speaker and Bluetooth Speaker, the ease of use is ultimate for the former. You simply have to command, and the device performs as told. You could ‘ask’ the speaker to play from a Podcast, radio, playlists, or Songs stored on playlists to be able to enjoy it immediately. The best part about smart speakers is that they offer a high-quality audio experience. You are also not interrupted time and again by the notifications, calls, or alerts. These can be played across the house, and any user with command control or the app can monitor the device.

Advantages of Smart Speakers

1. The Radio

Love the traditional radio music? Well, the Smart Speaker is just the thing for you. This way, you can simply command the ‘Alexa’ Or ‘Google’ to play any radio from across the world for you.

2. The Smart Home

When it comes to electric vs Smart Speaker, the latter is perfect for a smart home setup. With the smart speaker by your side, it is simple to command it to perform certain functions around the house for you. This can include switching ON the lights, turning on the Microwave, turning down the heating system, operating the washing machine, or even commanding the refrigerator to modulate the temperature.

3. In-House Music

 One of the best aspects of the smart speaker is that it can play music throughout the house as required. Hence, one can enjoy an unlimited selection of music and entertainment choices as desired.

4. The In-Command

Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker, which is best? When it relates to ease of use, it has to be the Smart Speaker. This is because the technology is futuristic and cool with ease of use as required. Besides the luxurious aspect of the smart speaker, the device is also a must-have for bed-ridden people or have a medical condition that restricts their movements.

5. More Than Just Commands

It is not just about playing mundane music, but many other entertainment aspects also. This includes certain interesting word games, Trivia, and more. It can also tell the whether to you, the time, read the headlines and tell stories.

What Makes the Smart Speaker Such a Rage?

Bluetooth speaker is great all the same, it is the smart age now. This is the reason for the popularity of smart speakers among the current users. While the latest generation is more tech-savvy, the smart speakers’ ease of use makes the device applicable for various other uses. Some of the aspects that makes the smart speaker such a cutting edge over Bluetooth are:

The Voice Recognition

The AI or the Alexa allows the user a completely hands-free experience with the voice recognition feature. You no longer have to go hunting about for a certain song tucked away in your system. You simply have to command the device to play the news, song, or story, and it will be done in an instant. This helps us take a break from the phone for every single aspect of running the smart device.

The Top Apps

The main difference between Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Speakers is that you can simply download various apps at the same time. The streaming apps are in one place; hence, one can easily command the smart speaker to play on command simply.

The Audio

The best part about the Smart Speaker is the sound quality. The smart speaker’s audio is a no-match compared to other devices. Essentially this implies that the audio quality remains intact despite the device moving away from the user or being moved about generally. Also, the sound delivery is seamless and uninterrupted; hence, one can get to enjoy multiple tracks from various genres.

Bluetooth Speaker Vs Smart Speaker: The Conclusion

Smart Speaker vs Bluetooth Speaker cost is one of the major deciding factors, and the former is a lot more expensive in comparison. However, both devices have their pros and cons that make them popular among respective groups. While budget, technology, and ease of use are factors nevertheless, you might need a smart device to manage your smart home.

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