Can You Make Waffles in a Sandwich Maker?

Can You Make Waffles in a Sandwich Maker? Yes, you very well can, and they taste just as good. However, we need to take a moment to appreciate the good old sandwich maker that turns out to be one of the most versatile electronic kitchen appliances you can own. Time and again, this little piece of electronic wonder has become more than it was destined to do, i.e., simply prepare sandwiches. In this article, we will explore how to prepare some great waffles in the sandwich maker for a delicious breakfast. 

Can You Make Waffles in a Sandwich Maker?

To start with, the process is rather simple. To prepare nice delicious waffles in a sandwich maker, you will need to:

Things needed:

  • The sandwich maker
  • The waffle batter-either store-bought or homemade
  • A Non-stick cooking spray

Note: when waffles are in the sandwich maker, one will need to ensure more batter as compared to the normal waffle maker. 


  • Start by preheating the sandwich maker according to the instructions of the manufacturers. This comprises waiting till the Green light comes ON. 
  • Next, prepare the waffle mix as instructed on the readymade box as required for the homemade recipe. 
  • Once the maker has heated up enough, it is time to open it up and spray gently with the non-stick spray on both the base and the inner side of the lid.
  • Now, gently pour in about half the batter on one side of the sandwich maker, close the lid, and wait for the batter to ”cook.” This takes around 3-5 minutes.
  • Now, carefully open the sandwich maker and carefully extract the waffle and repeat the process with the rest of the batter. 
  • Finally, serve the waffles, which are nice, crisp, and warm, with some fresh cream topped over, along with the fruits and berries of your choice. 

The Waffles in Sandwich Maker: Some Important Tips

While waffle preparation in a sandwich maker is as simple as it sounds, nevertheless, there are a few tips to take care of when doing so:

  • Choose the batter smartly. This essentially means selecting the recipe with baking soda in it, as it will help the waffle to rise and be soft and fluffy.
  • For a denser and thicker version of a waffle, you can opt for a recipe that consists of yeast in its recipe. 
  • It is advised to preheat your sandwich maker before you add the waffle batter to it. This is to make sure that the waffles cook evenly all over. 
  • Don’t overdo pouring the batter into the Sandwich maker, as it can cause the waffle to be tough to flip over when needed. It can also lead to the waffle sticking onto the plates. 
  • It is important to use the right kind of spatula to get that perfect flip. This can also be used to spread the batter evenly all over the cast. Be sure to watch out for the air pockets that might emerge throughout the batter. 
  • When you need to open the sandwich maker to remove the waffle, do so carefully, as it can cause the steam to blow into your face.
  • It is advised to serve the waffles as quickly as they are done, as we don’t want to be dealing with some cold, stale waffles later on. 

How to Make Waffles in Sandwich Maker: The Disadvantages?

While making waffles is simple in a sandwich maker, however, there are a few disadvantages to it too: 

  • The size of the sandwich maker can be too small for a few waffle recipes. This can cause the waffles to be either too thin or too thick. 
  • Sometimes, especially at the start of the process, you might end up with some ”badly done” waffles. Either it is too thick or too thin. 
  • The end shape of the waffles prepared in the sandwich maker can be quite strange and not your regular set of perfect triangles. 
  • An average of 375F of temperature is required to prepare the waffles. However, setting the temperature to the same degree as you would normally have in the waffle maker is advised. 

How to Clean and Maintain the Sandwich Maker?

Now that you know how to prepare waffles in a sandwich maker, it is time for some serious cleaning to do:

  • First, cleaning and maintaining the sandwich maker after you have just cooked is not such a big deal. To do so, you must first unplug the sandwich maker from the main socket.
  • Now, open the maker and remove the waffle plates, as in the case of those models comprising removable ones. Either way, wipe the inner plate areas with the help of a damp cloth. During this step, you must reach out to every nook and corner of the sandwich maker. Once done, plug back the device and let it run for the highest setting for about 5 minutes. This ensures that the hard-to-get residues are easily extracted from the surface without damaging it. 
  • Now, turn off the sandwich maker and unplug the device. After giving the appliance a final wipe with a nice clean, dry cloth, you are done. 
  • The best part about investing in a sandwich maker is that it can be travelled anywhere you go. The maker is versatile, lightweight, and a wonderful ”meal maker” for quick heating up and other minor preparations. 

Can You Make Waffles in a Sandwich Maker? The Conclusion

Sandwiches and waffles are different from each other. While bread preparations might be a breeze, it does take a little bit of practice when it comes to the waffles, as it comprises the batter. Also, while it is possible to prepare nice breakfast waffles in the Sandwich maker, don’tdon’t be too disappointed if your waffles don’t ”look” as good. This is simply because things are going to be a bit different in a sandwich maker. So, Is it possible to make waffles in a sandwich maker? Well, it sure is. 

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