14 Fun Facts About Playstation That you never know

Fun Facts About Playstation are something that any fan would love to sink their teeth ontoBeing one of the most popular game consoles in the world, it is full of surprises and exclusives. The game has caught the fancy across the world and continues to rule their preference. Let us take a look at some surprising and fun facts about the Playstation that might further spike your interest:


In 1991, Sony announced the launch of a brand new console, a better version of SNES, and it included a CDROM. But eventually, Nintendo and Sony suffered a split. However, they did converge to launch the new console either way, and it was announced in the year 1993. It was called PS-X at the time! Imagine your favourite Playstation being called PS-X instead? Also, it was marketed as the ”all-new SNES” at the time.

2. The first-ever Best-Selling Game

It was Gran Turismo of the original Playstation! This was the first-ever game to cross 10 million units in sales. Being the best-seller of the first PlayStation, it was closely contested by Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 3, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy VII.

3. The First-Ever Sales Figures

It was the first-ever to reach 100 million units and remains one of the record-holders till date. The figures showcased the massive platform that the console commanded and became a part of the ”gaming hall of fame. Even today, Playstation rules the market, mainly due to its innovations and ”first-ever”.

4. A Man named ''Playstation 2''

Yes, it did happen when a man grew so obsessed with the gaming console that he had his name legally changed to ”Paystation 2”. This was a 29-year old resident from Oxfordshire, and he wanted to marry the game! However (and thankfully), the vicars explained to him that this was not possible.

5. Playstation 2: Re-Released 2013

The popularity of the Playstation 2 had the makers re-releasing games right up till 2013. The last title of Playstation 2 was FIFA 2014, and the users grabbed it generously. While initially, the developers stopped the release of the PS2 games in the year 2006, but, later different versions of the games were re-released due to popular demand. This is quite a fact.

6. Super-Computer, from Playstation 3s?

Yes, this very much did happen! Imagine creating a Super Computer from a gaming console? It was the US Air force that created a Super Computer from Playstation 3S. This required 1760 units of Playstation 3 to finally get the required results. The experts opted to use Playstation 3 for the purpose because it was powerful enough and quite cheaper as compared to the regular computers. Finally, the Super Computer was priced at 2 Million USD! This is nothing as compared to the 10 or 20 X it could have been in the regular computer units were used. Also, it would have required ten times more power.

7. The Black Disc Was Useless

Initially, the users believed the Black Disc to be ”something important. But, later on, it was revealed that it was only there because it ”looked good. The makers wanted to leave an ”impression” on the gamers, and the Black Disc managed to do just that. Now, that is called marketing.

8. The Controller: For The Impact

The design of the Controller for the Playstation is not an accident. It was a carefully planned strategy to ensure that the users got the impression of the vision that the makers had in their minds. The design represented the 3 D Graphics of the console and kept getting better with new versions. It was created by Teiyu Goto and was much opposed by the team. However, Goto had the support of Sony president Norio Ohga, who thought the design resembled the aeroplane control wheel.

9. The first Ever Playstation game

It was Motor Toon Grand Prix, and it was created by a team named ”Poly”. However, with the growing success, Poly soon ”graduated” to become Polyphony digital. Also, it is the same team, ”Poly” for the creation of the all-popular ”Grand Turismo” that has captured the imagination of the gamers today. Now that is among the best Fun Facts About Playstation

10. Price Of The Initial Playstation

The first Playstation consoles were priced at a mere 37000 Yen in Japan. This was the price tag for the first 100000 units that were distributed. Later, Sony had to relaunch 200000 more units that were sold out by the end of the month of the launch.

11. Only 8 Games

The first-ever PlayStation had just eight games to start with. This included Train Simulator, Ridge Racer, 2 Mahjong, among others. Though not a great launch to begin with nevertheless, the Playstation managed to make the right impact on the gamers and was an instant hit in no time.

12. The Audiophiles Were The Attraction

The main reason for the hot-sales of the Playstation was the audiophiles. These were considered to be better than the high-end CD players, and the users noticed it. But the price was the real steal. It was for just a couple of Dollars, and this is the reason why so many units sold out within the first go.

13. Create Your Own Game

It was in the year 1997 that Sony released Net Yaroze. This was the programmable version that allowed the gamers to ”create” their very own games. Not surprisingly, many developers got their very first ”break” at the PlayStation console. This includes Mitrusu Kamiyana, who created the ”Terra Incognita” that got him a breakthrough job at the acclaimed Final Fantasy series.

14. The Cheaper Version

The makers launched the PSone in the year 2000, which was smaller and cheaper. This was an instant hit and sold 28 million units, making it the most successful console of the year, also beating the best-seller PlayStation 2.


There are more Facts about Playstation that continue to surprise the regular userThe Playstation is one of the most successful and popular gaming consoles to date. Its uniqueness is its USP which continues to ”fascinate the gamer” today. 

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