How to Curl Hair With Straighteners?

Have you ever wondered, How to Curl Hair With Straighteners?

Hair is the most glorious part of our physical personality. Hair or the quality of it represents a lot about the individual and their attributes. A good mane of hair is directly linked to ‘good genes, lifestyle and also living standards. It is hardly a surprise that the Indian Beauty and personal care industry (BPC) is worth nearly USD 8 Billion! This data comprises 5% of the Haircare industry alone. However, the global haircare market is worth 85.5 Billion USD all over. This has resulted in the massive sales of hair straighteners and curlers, with the demand growing every year. But what is it about hair care and its tools and products that have led to the rage that it is today? Well, your hair look can make or break your overall appearance. It is a no-brainer that change in the hairdo contributes to the major makeover. Some of the best straighteners for curling have turned into massive tools of preference by the young ladies today, as it helps enhance or change the hair with little or no effort. But how do we use the tools to the best efficiency? Let us find out. 

How to curl hair with straightener

Most times, we are never quite satisfied with the hair type, texture we are born with. This leads to the desire to change our hair type for an instant boost in the image. People with Curly hair desire straight hair and vice-a-versa. While the demand for the best hair straightener for curly hair is on the rise, what do you do if you need to curl your hair on another day? Well, you can very well do the same with the help of your straightener as well. Here is how:

  1. Spray a good quality heat protectant all over your hair. Make sure to do so from the shaft to the tip for best results. Do this until you have covered all hair with the product. 
  2. Now, with the help of a Pintail comb, you need to section all your hair as required and clamp them down neatly. 
  3. Next, allow the straightener to heat up to the optimum temperature as required.
  4. Take a single section and run your tool as you normally would. But, once you reach the mid-section of the hair, you need to ‘pivot’ the straightener 180 degrees. 
  5. While following this step, make sure you turn and tool and the section away from the face. 
  6. Now maintain the same position and pull down the tool along the length of the hair till you reach the tip. 
  7. You will be left with a nice spiral curl of hair from that section. 
  8. Now, gently manoeuvre the curled section into a neat coil and secure it with a clip or clamp.
  9. Continue the process till you have covered the entire head of hair. 
  10. Finally, release all the curls from their clamps/clips. 
  11. Take a good quality hair setting spray and spritz all over your curls generously. 
  12. You could stop right here if you like the look you have achieved.
  13. For a more ‘softer look’, you could run your fingers or a Bristle Brush gently along with the curls. This offers a nice soft ‘curly/wavy hair for a more glamorous appearance. 
  14. Use the setting spray one last time, and you are done. 

The Different Types of Curls

Using the hair straightener for curly hair is quite simple; there is a lot you can do when it comes to curls. For those of you who are beginners when it comes to grooming; you have more than one Curl-type to choose from.

How to Curl Hair With Straighteners: The Beach Waves

Wish to look like a Mermaid without having to hit the waters? Well, it is the Beach waves for you. For this, you need to:

  • Separate the front section from the face and clip it aside.
  • Makes sections as you would normally would after you prep the hair with the right products.
  • Now take the flat iron and clamp at the root, making a huge ‘C’ shape with the section of the hair in between the iron. Make sure the curve stays on the outside.
  • Now, on the same flow, without letting go of the section, make an ‘S’ shape by flexing the iron on the opposite side.
  • Keep going while stopping only just before you reach the bottom tip.
  • After you have finished with all the sections, you can simply shake off with your fingers and complete the look with some salt spray.

How to Curl Hair With Straighteners: The Bounce

Want the Bombshell look right off the red carpet? Well, here is what you need to do:

  • Prep the Hair as you would normally do before using heating tools.
  • Now, make sections all around the head as per hair density and type.
  • Take a single section and hold it vertically and mildly tilted away from the face; now press down. 
  • Twist as you work your way down, turning away from the face.
  • Ensure to hold enough tension as you slide downwards.
  • Now twist once again as you reach halfway through the length and complete the entire length of hair.
  • Repeat this once again on the same strand of hair for that ‘Bounce’.
  • Finish off with spray, and you are good to go. 

How to Curl Hair With Straighteners: The Polished Waves

  • Prep the Hair as you would before using a heat tool.
  • Follow the same process as for the ‘Beach Wave’ look.
  • Except make sure you create the ‘C’ shape right at the bottom half of the hair strand.
  • This offers a straight hair look at the start from the root, with waves halfway through.
  • Finish off with the setting spray.

The Conclusion

A hair straightener is more like a magic wand when it comes to getting your hair in the required shape. Be it curly hair, straight bangs or waves, you can achieve it and a lot more with the help of a flat iron. However, it is recommended to make sure you follow the right instructions when dealing with heat tools. Also, do not skip prepping your hair with the right quality product to minimize damage. Your hair is your Crowning glory, be sure to flaunt it. 

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