How to Wash Shoes & Sneakers in Your Washing Machine?

How to clean shoes in the washing machine? Yes, washing shoes in the washing machine is a wonderful idea. This is basically because it can save you time and effort while keeping your favorite sneakers clean and ready to use all over again. Not too sure about how to get started? Well, we have compiled this guide to help you understand how to wash sneakers and other shoes and keep your family dressed well.

Here, the thought of your sneakers banging around in the drum of your washing machine may not sound so great, but it is better than laboriously hand-scrubbing them in the sink. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as simply throwing them in there.

Remember that Gentle washing is the main key to ensuring that your favorite pair does not damage when in the washing machine. You must also remember that being thorough is the main key, as they are quite often exposed to dirt, mud, sweat, and oils. For this, you need to Check the boxes by doing the pre-work. Also, using the right settings and washing machine is just as vital. This article will deal with how to best maintain your shoes when shoe cleaning in a washing machine.

How to Wash Shoes & Sneakers in Your Washing Machine?

How to clean shoes? First, you need to understand if you need to place your shoes in the washer. Shoes made with canvas, nylon, cotton, and polyester are generally safe to wash in a washing machine. This is because these materials are durable and should not be damaged by laundry detergent. So, let’s find out what to do if your shoes or clothes have oil or grease stains. Before you start cleaning, be sure to check the care instructions of your shoes for the washing recommendations.

Some shoes lend themselves well when in the machine washing; however, other types of footwear require hand cleaning or specialized care. Also, Shoes made of materials like rubber, leather, suede, and vinyl, or sports shoes with rubber or metal cleats, are best not to be placed in your washing machine.

The other aspect is that if your shoes are made from some delicate material like silk or feature beading, embroidery, sequins, or other embellishments, be sure to take them to a shoe repair and cleaning specialist to avoid causing any damage to them. Always double-check the care instructions to ensure it is safe to wash your shoes in the washing machine.

Which shoes are not machine washable?

How to clean sneakers? Firstly, did you know you must keep your sneakers away from the washing machine altogether? The Sneakers are perhaps the most beloved accessory for any sneaker freak. If you are a shoe lover, you must realize the importance of keeping it clean and caring for it. Likewise, if you throw around your priced sneakers in the washing machine, you will be making an expensive mistake. Washing machines have been designed to wash clothes but are not specifically for shoes. Most experts believe It is a strict “No No” for anyone, especially for sneaker lovers for whom it is one of the much-loved possessions. Most people think that a washing machine can wash anything. However, that is not true, especially regarding sneaker cleaning

Can you put your shoes in the dryer?

Well, you can, but it is advised not to.

Here is a bit of an understanding of how a washing machine can damage your new sneakers and the most preferred way to wash your favorite sneakers.

  • It can Damage sneaker quality: A washing machine can cause severe damage to your sneakers. Not many people understand that sneakers are meant for machine wash. Washing your sneakers using a washing machine may be easier, but it can quickly degrade the sneaker’s quality or even damage it eventually.
  • Minimizes the Longevity of the sneakers– One might not observe the damaging effects of the washing machine on your sneakers as soon as you wash them. However, if you pass them for a long time, then you will be able to notice the effects in the long run.
  • Loss of shine – Most times, you might have wondered why your sneakers are losing their shine or spark. This could be mainly because of the washing machine. The fabric of sneakers can quickly get affected because of the chemicals or excess wash resulting from the washing machine.

Tips to clean your sneaker shoes in your washer – a step-by-step guide

How to wash shoes? Well, nevertheless, what needs to be done has to be done. With the help of a few tips and tricks, here are some methods on how to ensure you clean your shoes the safe way:

What you need before cleaning shoes:

  • Liquid detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Mesh garment bag or pillowcase
  • Shoe cleaner
  • Rag or soft brush
  • Sponge
  • Old towels

How do you put shoes in the washing machine?

Can you put shoes in the washer? You sure can, and here are some of the best tips on making sure you do it the right way:

1. Prepin the shoes

Did you know that the Simple prep work can significantly boost your machine and accelerate the entire process? But first, you need to Separate laces, insoles, and any other removable to ensure that every part of your shoes gets cleaned. Next, Shake off any debris and scrub at the crevices like those at the eyelets with the help of a small brush. Also, Stubborn dirt can be washed off by placing the shoes under the tap.

2. Bag the laces

For this, you need to place them in a mesh bag or a pillowcase that has been securely closed. This is to avoid tangling in the drum. In the case of heavily stained laces, you can also handwash them with laundry detergent and a soft brush. Finally, you can Mix these with the load with your shoes later.

3. Handwashing the insoles

Unless it is not specified in the care instructions, it is recommended to wash insoles manually. This is because They are mainly made of synthetic materials like rubber and foam that can get damaged when in the washing machine. Also, be thorough enough to remove sweat and odors that the insoles have absorbed. To do so, you have two options to try out:

4. Dish soap or laundry detergent

You can mix dish soap or laundry detergent using warm water for this. Using this solution, be sure to scrub both sides of your insoles with the help of a stiff brush. Pay attention to the heel and toe areas, as this is where most dirt builds up. Finally, Rinse the insoles properly, now allow to air-dry.

5. Baking Soda

For an even more effortless option, you can sprinkle baking soda on your insoles and allow it to sit overnight to absorb stubborn smells. Also, you can place them in a sealed container to be more efficient. Finally, you can just brush off the baking soda the next day.

6. Clean the Soles

Did you know that dirty soles can make your shoes appear more worn than they are? Hence, it is important to Pre-clean them and allow your washing machine to perform the final touches. Be sure to Shake or scrape off caked-on dirt. You can use a shoe cleaner to scrub any scuff marks for this. Now, finally, wipe them off with a damp cloth.

7. Load Your Shoes

How do you wash shoes in a washer? It is not pleasant to hear the sound of your shoes slamming against your drum. Also, this could potentially damage your washing machine as well. Hence, the best practice is to place them within a mesh bag or a pillowcase to contain them and lessen the noise. To load, add about four to six old towels to further enhance the buffer in the tumbling motion. It is best not to use new ones, as their dye can bleed and stain your shoes.

8. Select Machine Settings

How to wash shoes in the washing machine? To start with, be sure to go low and slow. For this, you need to consider your shoes as delicate garments that can shrink and fade their colors or get damaged in high temperatures and fast spin speeds. Hence, be sure to set your washing machine on a cool, delicate cycle with a slow or no-spin action. Be sure to use liquid detergent or laundry pods, as the powder products can stick to your shoes if they are not properly dissolved.

How to Wash Shoes & Sneakers in Your Washing Machine?: The Conclusion

So, can you wash your shoes in the washer? These are the steps on the systematic cleaning method that should be able to help you wash your shoes in the washing machine in the correct manner. However, before you wash your shoes, be sure to check the wash care label to understand the right wash temperatures and the methods that can be used. Also, bear in mind to run a gentle wash cycle. Always drop your shoes in a mesh bag before washing them, as this offers them another layer of protection. This way, they will come out clean.

How to Wash Shoes & Sneakers in Your Washing Machine?: FAQs

Question 1: Will shoes break the washing machine?

Answer: Depend upon the kind of shoes you are trying to wash in the machine. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before you wash them.

Question 2: Do shoes shrink in the washing machine?

Answer: Yes, if you wash it in a Hot Cycle in a washing machine.

Question 3: Can you put shoes in the dryer?

Answer: It can be put in a dryer occasionally.

Question 4: Can I put sneakers in the washing machine with clothes?

Answer: No, you cannot, and you should not.

Question 5: What setting should I use to wash shoes in the washing machine?

Answer: You can use a slow setting in the washing machine.

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