OTG Oven Vs Microwave: Price & Detail Difference in 2021?

OTG Oven Vs Microwave is something that most serious bakers need to consider before they get into the basics of cooking. Both these are important oven types and relevant in their ways. But this can get confusing most times as not many are acquainted with the features and application of each of these types. Also, as more and more people are embracing technology for an efficient lifestyle, kitchen appliances have become a major trend. Nevertheless, we at ATB bring to you some of the most precise differences and relevant applications for each product and its types.


Quite the simple cousin of the more advanced version in Ovens, the OTG is still a ‘hot seller’ globally. So, when it comes to the OTG Ovens Vs Microwave debate, the OTG is a clear winner when it comes to the simplicity of application. OTG stands for Oven, Toaster, Griller and is the basic model of the regular oven. The mechanism of the OTG is quite simple and comprises heat coils that are used for the process of reheating, cooking, and grilling. It features two coils and allows the user to heat one or both the coils as per requirement. As the name suggests, the OTGZ can be used only for baking, grilling, and toasting. Thus any form of ‘advanced’ cooking options is off-limits in this oven type. However, the best part is that the OTG is quite precise in these three functions, thus offering you professional results when it comes to the relevant cooking type. The main heating component is the thermostat, which controls the heating process in this oven type.

Advantages Of The OTG Oven

  • Utilizes less electricity.
  • Rotisserie is available in most models, hence easy to bake.
  • Easy grill options are available.
  • Perfect for baking.

Disadvantages Of The OTG Oven

  • Has limited options.
  • Cannot be used for reheating and defrosting.

The Microwave Oven


This is the more sophisticated version of the oven and offers a wide range of cooking options to choose from. OTG Ovens Vs Microwave difference also lies in the fact that the Microwaves are used in the latter for cooking. The best part about the microwave oven is that you can prepare a wholesome meal in a matter of minutes. This is fast and efficient, thus making it possible for elaborate cooking processes to be converted to a simpler form. The main process of cooking includes the exposure of food to electromagnetic radiation within the microwave frequency range. This causes the emission of thermal energy; a process termed dielectric heating, which causes the food to cook. So, which is better, OTG Ovens Vs Microwave? When it comes to the choice in functions offered, it is a Microwave oven all the way. Also, with the further advancement in technology, various newer models are high-tech in their work. The Convection Microwave Oven is one such example, where heat is produced and ‘covers’ the entire cooking space with the help of fans. This causes the food to heat up and cook in the process.

Advantages Of The Microwave Oven

  • Quick-cooking option.
  • Can also bake, grill, and cook at the basic level.
  • Time-saving option.
  • Basic to advanced cooking can be accomplished.

Disadvantages Of The Microwave Oven

  • High energy consumption.
  • Costly option.

What is The Difference Between OTG Ovens And Microwave?

OTG Oven Vs Microwave

Let us take a closer look at some of the prime differences between the two oven types:




Cooking process Used

Heating coil and fans

Microwave, Magnetron, fan


Grilling, Toasting, Baking

Defrosting, grilling, baking, reheating, roasting, cooking, steaming, and more

Auto-Cook Option



Cost Price

A budget buy

Relatively expensive




Metal usability


Not usable




Control Feature


Digital, Touch Panel

Time Duration for Operation

15-20 minutes

5 minutes

Energy Efficiency



Price Range

Starts at INR 2000

Starts at INR 8000

Recommended Brands

Philips, Morphy Richards, Bajaj

Godrej, LG, IFB, Samsung

OTG Oven Vs Microwave Price Details and Feature Comparison

Let us take a look at some of the governing features that one must consider before making your final purchase:

The Science Used

As mentioned earlier, the OTG comprises heating coils that cook the food. The Microwave Oven, on the other hand, heat up the water molecules, which generates heat and thus, leads to the process of cooking. Also, Microwave and rotating plates further enhance the process of cooking.

The Cooking Process Accomplished

In the case of the OTG, one is limited to toasting, baking, and grilling only. As for the Microwave oven, the options are plentiful, and one can get a lot done in very little time.

The Capacity

When it comes to capacity, the OTG is large with 60 litres compared to the Convection Oven that is only 32 litres at the maximum. Being lightweight, the OTG is all the easier to handle and can accommodate large batches of food at a time.


The preheat time taken for the OTG oven is 15 to 20 Minutes, whereas the Microwave oven takes only 5 minutes to preheat.

User's Comfort

As the Microwave Oven is more advanced with the digital Display and Touch panel, the ease of use is better here. On the other hand, the OTG has rotating knobs that are old-fashioned.

OTG Oven Vs Microwave Price Information

As for the OTG, the price starts with INR 10000 for a 42 Liter Oven. On the other hand, the microwave oven falls under the range of INR 16000 and above for a 30 Liter capacity.

OTG Oven Vs Microwave : Conclusion

So, dear people, here are the major differences between the two types of ovens and what makes them special. However, if you are still confused about what choice to make, here is our suggestion:

ON A BUDGET, LARGE FAMILY: If you do not wish to splurge on an oven as yet, go for the OTG version. This is lightweight and light on the pockets as well. Also, with its large capacity, it is quite suitable for a large family.

STYLISH AND EASY TO USE: If you like all things modern and are not afraid to go overboard, get yourself a nice suave Microwave oven. It is easy to use and offers multiple options when it comes to getting some serious cooking done.