Smart Grid Vs Memory Foam Mattress

Smart Grid vs Memory Foam Mattress offers insight into making the right choices when selecting the right product for yourself. Sleep is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the normal functioning of a human system. A good night’s sleep is the best way to revive your system to bring out the best in your productivity. But what if your mattress or bedding is not comfortable enough? This could cost you a great deal. Not just in terms of the money spent on purchasing a product you no longer like, but also an entire day’s work gone ‘sleepwalking.’ So, it is not an understatement to say that it is a smart choice to invest in a mattress that can offer you the most important ‘eight hours of Golden sleep.’
The current age of sleep technology has emerged to be quite advanced. We have come a long way from the regular ‘Gadda’ and Spring mattress that squeaked every time you moved. Not that there is anything wrong in choosing any of these choices, as long as they serve you your peace and sleep hours. However, for the rest of us, we do need to go a step ahead and acquire a product that can ‘help’ us sleep better. This is where the Memory Foam Mattress Vs Smart Gird Mattress debate comes into the picture. So what is the difference between the two? Let us take a look at each of them to know better.


This type not just sounds cool, but it also is the first of its kind to revolutionize the way we sleep. What started as a product made for NASA found its way down to the earth to help humankind sleep better! Made from the ‘Space age’ material, this is widely found at some of the most common (well-reputed) outlets.

Advantages of the Memory Foam

Some of the features and advantages of the Memory foam mattress are:

The Comfort Offers

The material has been designed to provide you with ease as you sleep by taking off the pressure from your body. This is because of the Slow Response rate and the High-Density foam it is made from. This results in a ‘Pressure Neutral’ experience with anti-inflammatory effects.

Density Variation

This generally implies that one can ‘choose’ the density configuration according to their requirements. Thus, you can customize your mattress according to your needs and comfort level.

Thermal Properties

This is perhaps one of the best choices if you reside in cold regions. The Memory foam has been designed to trap the heat within, thus, ensuring that the product stays warm. Therefore, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep during long cold nights.
Pain Relief: it has been found that a high-density memory foam mattress is one of the best choices when it comes to relieving the pain from the ‘troubled areas.’ It offers relief from Physical strain and relieves pressure. Thus, memory foam is a perfect choice when it comes to dealing with painful joints.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam

  • As we go about comparing the smart grid and memory foam mattresses, it is also important to take into account some of the disadvantages:
  • The product is relatively heavier as compared to the other options. This way, you will have a tough time moving it about or travelling with it.
  • It is hot. As mentioned earlier, the Memory foam has been designed to retain heat. Thus, it is not one of the best choices if you reside in hot regions of the world.
  • There has also been reported some Chemical-like odour arising from the Memory foam. This is usually due to the Polyurethane core that it features. Though non-toxic, nevertheless, this can be quite annoying at the beginning to deal with.

The Smart Grid Mattress

To further know the difference between memory foam and smart grid mattresses, we need to look within the Smart Grid’s layers. The Smart Grid is a desirable choice, whereas the Memory foam lacks in certain aspects. This includes, quite exclusively, the parts of the human body that need some extra support. This mattress is not just your regular foam, Spring, or Latex product. The Smart Grid comprises the Sleep technology that ensures that the Spine remains straight at all times. The layers of the Smart Grid are:

  • It comprises the top fabric layer made from 550 GSM knitted fibre covering it all over. This way, you can easily clean the mattress as and when required by simply peeling off the top fabric and washing it as required.
  • The second layer is the ‘Smart Grid’ that comprises equally spaced ‘square’ grids that have been designed to stretch according to your body weight and shape.
  • The third layer is the Softer Propriety transition foam layer. This is designed to re-bounce and offer the transition for the high-density foam for the right body support.
  • The fourth layer is the premium high-density foam designed for firmness and offers support to the mattress and the body.

The Advantages of the Smart Grid

Now, let us take a look at some of the major advantages of the Smart Grid Mattress:

  • Back support: the smart Grid mattress is known to offer the user 2 X more back support, hence more comfort. This is because it ‘smartly’ adapts to your unique body shape. The Grid pattern that the mattress comprises ensures that the walls buckle to the shoulders and the hips and, in a way, cuddle them.

  • Motion Isolation Benefit: One of the best aspects of the Smart Grid is that it offers Motion isolation. This essentially means that the sleep movements of one partner do not disturb or affect the other one beside them.

  • Air Flow: With 2500 Air channels to allow comfortable airflow, the Smart Grid offers a good amount of air exchange. This way, no body heat is trapped inside of the product.

  • Hypoallergenic: Composed of food-grade Polymers, the Smart Grid mattress is perhaps the safest to have when dealing with children and old people.

The Disadvantages of the Smart Grid Mattress

Some of the disadvantages of the Smart Grid are:

  • This is a costly option.
  • Is heavy.

Smart Grid vs Memory Foam Mattress: The Conclusion

What is the difference between a smart grid and a memory foam mattress? Well, you sure know now. Sleeping comfortably goes a long way in ensuring that our day stays productive, fresh, and healthy. Therefore it is not an understatement to declare that investing in a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy living standard.