Split AC Parts Name

Split AC Parts Name can help the users better understand how each part contributes to the overall cooling effect. In today’s time and age, the split AC is one of the most widely used appliances worldwide. Perhaps the sleek, somewhat compact design and the aesthetics it offers to the interior make it such a rage. Also, the silent operation and numerous features of the split AC have made it a ‘mass favourite.’ The Split AC comprises two major parts: the indoor and outdoor units. As the name suggests, the Indoor unit is installed within the home/residence, and the outdoor unit is placed on the outside. So, what is the split ac all parts name? Well, let us take a detailed look at each one:


The Split AC Parts Name List

Indoor Unit

As the name suggests, this is the unit of the Air conditioner that is positioned inside the house. The various parts of the Indoor unit are:

1. The Evaporator Coil

Situated within the indoor unit, it is responsible for the process of heat absorption from indoor spaces. These are made from Copper Coil as they quickly offer easy heat transfer. Most times, the Evaporator coils also comprise additional fins and Vanes to increase the surface area. It is within the evaporator coil that the refrigerant is contained as it has two separate chambers: Cold Chamber and the Hot Chamber. It is within the chamber that the fans are situated to circulate the cool air throughout the close vicinity.

2. The Printed Circuit Board-PCB

This is also known as the motherboard of the indoor unit of the split AC. Much like the original motherboard of the computer or the CPU, this is an essential part of the split AC. Not just that, but this is the part that is also the wiring of other components like transistors, Capacitors, and Resistors. These parts are connected with a part known as Conductive tracks. These connect all the required wires with the help of Copper layers over the fibreglass, much like the silkscreening.

3. Thermostat

As the name suggests, the thermostat is a split ac indoor unit part named responsible for the process of maintaining the required room temperature and saving energy. The main function of the part is to be able to sense the temperature variation and regulate the temperature within the room accordingly.

4. Capacitor

The Capacitor is a small cylindrical-shaped structure that is responsible for the storage of an electrostatic field. It activates as soon as the AC is switched on by delivering an electric boost required to turn the unit and offer a continuous power flow.

5. The Blower Fan

This is one of the prime parts of the Split Air conditioner. It blows fresh and cool air within your space, creating the required cooling effect.

6. The Blower Motor

This is the part responsible for the movement of the fans that circulate the air through the system. This allows the feeling of coolness throughout the operation.

7. The Air Filter

The Air Filter is made from a porous material that prevents coarse and large particles from entering the unit. The Air Filter’s main function is to eliminate pollutants like grease, dust, pollen, or even smoke. It is also responsible for ensuring that no allergens enter the vicinity.

8. The Drain Pan

This is yet another important among the split ac parts name list that functions by ‘capturing’ the condensation inside. This water later makes its way through the pipes to be discharged on the outside. 

The Split AC Outdoor Unit Parts Name

The main components of the Outdoor units are:

1. The Compressor

This part functions by moving the refrigerant between the Condensor and the Evaporator coil. This allows changing the refrigerant into either liquid or gas as required. This is how the parts of the Air Conditioner continue to function properly. The function resembles how the blood is pumped across the body.

2. The Condenser Coil

These are the parts that are responsible for transferring heat among various mediums. These are also available along with the fan that removes the cool air from above as they condense the water vapour back as a hot gas stream that comes from these tubes at high pressures.

3. The Expanse Valves

This part of the Split AC is responsible for managing the smooth flow of the liquid refrigerant within the unit. Here, the high pressure is converted into low pressure. This later makes its way through the Evaporator and the Condensor and finally into the Compressor all over again.

4. The Bracket

This is the metallic part of the air conditioner or even made from plastic that is used to ‘hold’ up or position the Air Conditioner in place. It is fixed on the outdoor part of the house with the help of concrete bolts and a flat plate. The unit is attached to the horizontal part of the brackets and is positioned above the ground.

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So, there you have it, friends; these are the split ac parts name list with pictures. Just to know, the Compressor is the most expensive part of the Air Conditioner. All the parts in a Split Air conditioner are vital and ‘orchestrate’ together to function smoothly. There are various advantages of opting for the Split Air Conditioner:

The Versatility: These are easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere within the home, garage, or even the basement. 

Looks Good: There is no denying that the split AC is good to look at and enhances the overall attractiveness of the interior.

Silent Operation: The Split AC does not make noise and is great around the house when residing with babies or elderly people.

Energy Efficient: With some of the latest makes, brands, and models, the split Air Conditioners are wonderful machines designed to save energy over the long term.