Voltas AC Error Code List & Solutions (Split, Inverter)- A Complete Guide

Voltas AC Error Code List & Solutions can offer users a great deal of self-help situations. There are times when we need to try and fix the problems and errors occurring in our AC. To help you with the same, here is a list of the errors and their subsequent solutions. 

voltas AC error code list and fixes

With the technology on our side, it is increasingly a matter of being able to ‘decipher’ the machine talk. Now, Air conditioner units are no longer the tiring, bulky and noisy pieces of metal that throw out cold air. These are sophisticated home appliances that have been designed to serve the user in a manner that you can easily understand if something is not right with the normal working of the Air Conditioner. This way, the proper reading of the error code can help you with the following:

  • Easy and effective handling of the appliance.
  • Save money on unwanted services and repairs.
  • Quick fixes by self that allow the user to continue with the normal usage of the appliance.

Voltas is one of the leading names when it comes to efficient cooling technology. Before we understand the Voltas AC Error Codes, let us find out a bit more about the brand itself:

Voltas AC Error Code List

Here is a list of the error codes and how to resolve them:

E1, E2, F7, F1 – Indoor Room Sensor Fault

The latest models of the Voltas Ac comprise sensors in both indoor and outdoor units. These help the users decide the temperature they would like to enjoy. Also, this feature helps calculate the workload of the Air Conditioner. Hence, it helps the AC to set the right kind of cooling temperature. The above error codes signify that the fault is in the indoor room sensor. 

Solution: This error cannot be resolved by the users themselves. Hence it is recommended that they contact a reputed Voltas service person. 

E4, F6, H6, E5 – Indoor Blower Motor Fault

Also known as the fan motor, the indoor blower motor functions to regulate the fan speed, ensuring uniform air distribution inside the room. The error above signifies the fault with the indoor blower. This usually occurs when the capacitor of the appliance grows weak and needs to be replaced. 

Solution: This error cannot be rectified and needs a professional Voltas service person to resolve it. 

E6, E5 – Over Current Protection

One must bear in mind that the Voltas AC functions on varying voltage. However, there are times when the input voltage exceeds the AC’s operational range. This code denotes the voltage fluctuations. 

Solution: For this, you need to wait for the voltage to stabilize and restart the AC again. This should resolve the error. In case it continues, you need to get in touch with the professional Voltas service person, as there can also be a fault with the PCB circuit. 

E0, 1-Time Blink – Indoor Unit EEPROM Parameter Fault

This is a technical error, and it indicates that there is a fault with the indoor unit EEPROM parameter. The reason is generally that of the soldering being loosened. 

Solution: It is recommended to contact the Voltas technician for professional help. 

E1, 2-Time Blink – Indoor – Outdoor Communication Fault

The outdoor and indoor units of the Voltas AC are connected with the help of various pipes and wires. There are chances that the connecting wires might have snapped.

Solution: for this, it is recommended that the user checks the wiring and rectifies the communication error. In case the wirings have snapped, it is recommended that you replace the same. If you cannot do this yourself, you can get a professional technician to do this for you.

E2, 3-Time Blink – Zero Current Crossing Fault

This error occurs when there occurs a fault in the general AC wiring that does not allow the current to flow through. This is also called a zero current crossing fault, which means that there is no flow of current into the AC unit. 

Solution: To resolve this, it is recommended that you check the wiring and rectify the same. If you cannot perform the fixing by yourself, get professional help. 

E3, 4-Time Blink – Indoor Fan Speed Out of Control

This error is much similar to the indoor blower motor error. In this case, the speed of the fan goes out of control. This can result in it spinning too fast or much slower than expected. Hence, the overall cooling performance of the AC is affected. A fault in the capacitor or the fan’s motor could also be the reason. 

Solution: The solution for this error is to replace the sensor altogether. For this, you will need to get in touch with the Voltas technician.

E4, 5-Time Blink – Indoor Temperature Sensor Fault

The Air conditioner works by the indoor sensor sensing the indoor temperature to be set into the optimum cooling temperature. This error signifies that there is a fault in the indoor temperature sensor. 

Solution: The only way to resolve the issue is to replace the sensors. For this, get in touch with the professional Voltas technician, and you will be just fine. 

E5, 6-Time Blink – Indoor Coil Sensor Fault

This error code signifies that there is a fault in the indoor coil sensor. 

Solution: for this, it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional technician and let them do the needful. 

EC, 7-Time BLink – Refrigerant Leak

This error code denotes that the refrigerant tank is suffering from a leak situation. For this, you must replace the leaking pipes. Also, you need to check by filling the gas and checking the pressure levels. 

Solution: This Voltas error code troubleshooting can only be done by a professional, so get in touch with the Voltas professional and rectify the situation. 

F0, 1-Time Blink – Overload Current Protection

This is among the Voltas split ac error codes, which commonly occur when there is a power fluctuation occurring. For this, you need to check out the current load in order to ensure that the appliances are not overloading due to a specific power source. 

Solution: The user should check for the wiring and the Voltage levels. Also, it is suggested that you have a separate current point for the AC and not use it for any other appliances. 

F1, 2-Time Blink – Outdoor Temperature Sensor Fault

The outdoor temperature sensors function by sensing the external temperatures before the optimal cooling temperatures have been set. You will find this sensor behind the condenser in the outdoor unit. 

Solution: This error requires a professional to deal with it and rectify the same. 

F2, 3-Time Blink – Outdoor Condenser Sensor Fault

This is among the Voltas inverter AC error codes and is related to the outdoor unit. This shows that there is a fault with the outdoor condenser sensor. 

Solution: For this, you need to get in touch with the Voltas AC professional technician as it requires the replacement of the discharge pipe sensor. 

F3, 4-Time Blink – Discharge Pipe Sensor Fault

The outdoor unit comprises an outdoor discharge pipe with a sensor. Any fault in this [art can result in this error from the Voltas non-inverter AC error code list, for this one needs to replace the discharge pipe sensor with a new one. 

Solution: Get in touch with a professional technician to rectify the issue. 

F4, 5-Time Blink – Outdoor EEPROM Parameter Fault

This error code is related to the fault in the Outdoor EEPROM parameter. 

Solution: For this, one has to seek professional help. 

P1, 2-Time Blink–Over and Low Voltage Fault

This error code signifies a fault with the input voltage, which can either be low or high. This will cause the AC to not function as the input voltage will fluctuate beyond the operating voltage. 

Solution: Check for the voltage levels and use a voltage stabilizer.

Lloyd AC Error Codes: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, people. These were a few solutions on how to fix voltas ac error codes. When you encounter any of these, it is advised to alert a professional where it is needed. 

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