Blue Star Ac Error Code List And Fixes [2022]

Blue Star AC Error Code and their knowledge can go a long way in ensuring you have a smooth operation with the machine. The Error codes are automated messages that are displayed on the appliance for the user to understand if there is a problem with the normal functioning of the machine. This helps the user to be able to work out a method to self-diagnose the problem and rectify it accordingly. However, there are also cases when you might have to get professional help; likewise, on the flip side, one can be saved big time from being conned by the service persons who might ‘draw up a large bill’ for a problem that does not exist. Hence, every user needs to be able to have a brief knowledge of the error codes and what each of them stands for.

Before we dive into the Blue Star Air Conditioner Error Codes, let us know a bit more about the brand itself. Blue star is an Indian Multinational brand, also known as ‘Blue Star Ltd.’ It has its headquarters in Mumbai and was established in 1943 by Mohan Tiwari. What started as an ice candy machine-making company soon expanded to become a prime name in the electrical and electronic field. Today, the Blue Star is a major name in providing solutions for cooling and purification technology. It serves successful ventures in Qatar, UAE, Dubai, and various other places in the Middle East. The subsidiary branch of the brand is known as ‘Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Ltd.’

Blue Star AC Error Codes List


Let us take a look at some of the most commonly recurring error codes in Blue Star Air Conditioners:

For the Window AC – L Series

E1 – Room Sensor Failure

This occurs due to the malfunction of the PCB or a loose connection. To rectify this, it is recommended that you call a professional technician.

E2 – Evaporator Coil Sensor Failure

This error occurs due to a fault in the evaporator coil sensor. The best solution is to reconnect or replace the sensor.

For Window AC – G – Series

E1 – Room Sensor Failure

To rectify this error, you might need to repair or reconnect the sensor.

E2 – Evaporator Coil Sensor Failure

Once again, replacement or repair of the Sensor coil is the perfect solution.

For Window AC – Y, R, and M Series

Er – Indoor Ambient Temperature Sensor Failure

This error occurs when the heat within the AC tends to melt the Sensor terminal and lead them to disconnect. For this, you will need to reconnect or replace the sensor altogether.

En – Evaporator Pipe Temperature Sensor Failure

This error indicates the sensor failed due to erratic changes in the temperature levels.

Blue Star AC Error Code: The Conclusion

So, there you have it, people. These are some of the prominent error codes that occur in the Blue Star AC. It is always handy to understand the codes and what they stand for before you call upon the professional service person.