What is a BLDC Motor in Washing Machine?

The BLDC Motor in some of the latest washing machines is something to watch out for. Though one cannot claim this to be the latest technology, however, this has been embraced by manufacturers and users alike in recent times. As the unwanted noise and vibration created by the washing machines have been a nuisance since the start, this inconvenience simply had to go. But that meant changing the belt and pulley mechanism of the regular washing machine. It was basically due to the multiple moveable parts of the belt and Pulley mechanism that caused noise and vibrations. So, the technology took a step forward and changed the setup altogether. So what is the BLDC motor in a washing machine? Let us take a closer look at the coils and motors.

bldc motor

The BLDC motor or the Brushless DC Motors is the new tech on the block that promises no noise, less electricity consumption, and efficient operation. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it sure is. The main difference in the technology involves the introduction of the permanent magnet instead of the regular temporary one. But first, let us take a deeper look at what makes this technology so special and unique.

Here, the motor comprises two major parts. Simple. One is known as the ‘rotor’, and the other is known as the ‘Stator’. As the name suggests, the Rotor is the part that moves, and the stator is the stationary part of the setup. The Rotor is located inside the motor, and the parts are put in motion with the generation of electromagnetic energy. This energy is converted into motion or movement and results in the ‘rotation’ of the part.

As for the stator, this comprises of the Steel/Iron metallic piece that has Copper or Aluminium winding all around it. The Rotor comprises of either the Permanent or an electromagnet as per requirement. As for the washing machine BLDC motor, these are comprised of permanent magnets. Thus, DC magnetic field is generated instead of the AC in the ‘Rotor’. This magnetic field interacts with the Stator’s Magnetic field and results in ‘motion or movement’. The speed of the motor can be made to vary by changing the electromagnetic current.

Now, since the DC Magnetic field is generated in the Rotor part of the motor, the stator also generates the DC Magnetic field. But, the main problem is that our main electricity supply is AC. Hence, the introduction of the inverter in this technology is vital to convert the AC to DC. Most such appliances comprise the revolutionary ‘inbuilt Inverter’; hence no external attachments are required as such. Since these comprise of very few parts, the BLDC washing machine.

Features of a BLDC Washing Machine

Let us summarize the main aspects and features of the all-exclusive BLDC Washing Machine: 

  • More and more manufacturers are vouching for this feature. Most new models have this as a default technology it functions upon.
  • In this case, the motor is directly fixed onto the drum; hence the need for the regular belts and pulley is amiss.
  • This setup offers more precise control over the entire operation, hence the efficiency
  • The BLDC motor washing machine supports variable speeds. This allows the appliance to sense the load and utilize the electricity as such. This further auto-sets the timing and the speed of the washing machine according to the weight of the clothes in it.
  • As the BLDC motor is in direct connection with the very centre of the drum, vibration is reduced to the bare minimum, if at all.
  • Both the washing machine models, i.e., the Front-load type and the Top load type, can feature the BLDC motor technology.

Why You Need to Get One Soon: The Advantages:

Here are the top advantages of the BLDC washing machine and what makes them so special:

  • Less heat is generated in this technology type.
  • Less electricity is consumed, as it applies the load sense technology as well
  • This type is highly energy-efficient, as you get the maximum results out of minimum electricity consumed.
  • These motor types are best suited for high-speed applications where more than 10000 rpm is involved.
  • The speed control is unmatched in this type.
  • More saving overall, if you get home one of this washing machine type.

The Disadvantages of BLDC Motor

  • Best for an average load. Not exactly recommended for the industrial load type.
  • In a country like India, repairs and Support for the BLDC motors can be quite challenging as the idea is quite new.
  •  The overall maintenance can be a challenge in a country like India, where climatic conditions are variable.

What is BLDC Motor?: The Conclusion

The BLDC motor in the washing machine is what one needs to get hold of right away if you need to save big. Apart from the initial investments, this technology goes a long way in ensuring overall savings. Hence, this technology is a must-have for the smart buyer of today who knows the importance of successful savings in the long run.