Common Geyser Problems and Their Solution

The Common Geyser Problems and their solution can offer great insight to people who wish to understand their appliance a bit better. The geyser is an essential home appliance that needs as much attention as the rest of the home and kitchen appliances. But, there is a certain risk factor associated with the geyser that makes many people rather apprehensive about it—nonetheless, more insight into better maintenance and safety measures during use. Not only does this offers a better overall experience, but it also ensures that you enjoy better longevity with the appliance.  

Common geyser problem and their Solutions

Now, let us take a better look at some of the most common myths, problems, and solutions of the geyser:

1. The Water is Not Heating Up Properly

This is one of the most common problems that most people might encounter with their geysers. Water not heating up well enough can be either due to something quite trivial or more elaborate.

The Reason

One of the major reasons could be a tripped circuit breaker. Another reason is a blown fuse causing all the ruckus. Loose or faulty wiring or the rusting of the geyser over some time.

The Solution

Some of the better-known solutions for this problem can be:
Check the circuit breaker and find signs of tripping. Now, please turn it off and switch it on once again to reset the geyser. Most times, this is enough to resolve the issue, and your geyser will be back to work and new. If the tripping continues despite this, it is time to get home a professional.

2. Continuous Water Leakage

There are times when we find our geyser leaking water continuously. If and when this occurs, then it is a case of water leakage. There are chances that the geyser has suffered a burst or a good-sized leakage. Not only is this quite annoying, but also a great source of water wastage.

The Reason

  • There could be a problem with the drip tray.
  • There is an overflowing pipe.

The Solution

In this case, there is hardly anything that you can DIY. So, getting home a professional who can fix this for you is best. Also, the plumber must be well aware of the plumbing system of the building.

3. Dirty Water

There are times when a great deal of continuous dirty water flows out of the geyser. The reason has nothing to do with the main water supply.

The Reason

  • Corrosion of the galvanized iron plumbing.
  • There is a defect in the anode rod.

The Solution

There is a chance that the iron plumbing system corrodes over time, and this leads to the rusting effect. Hence, there is a chance that the water emerges discoloured from this. Hence, it requires proper maintenance and cleaning.

The Anode rod present inside the geyser is usually responsible for preventing rust formation inside the storage tank. However, when the rod stops performing its function, hence, leads to rusty water emerges. Hence, it is required that one needs to replace the anode rod. For this, you need professional help to do.

4. The Odour From The Water From The Geyser

This is yet another one of the more common problems of the geyser. However, this can be easily resolved.

The Reason

  • Bacteria formation
  • Water supply from the well
  • A spoilt Anode rod

The Solution

  • The main reason for this can be mainly because the geyser has not been operated for a long time or is set at very low temperatures. This causes bacterial formation, which mixes with the water supply and the odour. Hence, one of the best solutions is to run the geyser at high temperatures and ‘kill’ all the bacteria.
  • There are chances that your water supply is from the well. This is usually laden with various pathogens and microorganisms, which can lead to odour. For this, once again, you need to increase the temperature of the geyser, eliminate all the pathogens, and rid yourself of the odour.
  • Another reason could be a decaying Anode rod. This releases Hydrogen, which causes the water to stink. For this, one must replace the Anode rod with a new one.

5. The Noisy Geyser

There are times when a strange noise emerges from the geyser. While this might not be a very common problem, it is quite a common one. The sounds emerging could be banging or rumbling once the geyser starts to heat up.

The Reason

  • Geyser overheating
  • Accumulation of sediments in the tank, valve, or the tank
  • Spreading of the scales in the tank with time.

The Solution

  • This is one of the worst nightmares for the users when we imagine the geyser to ‘burst.’ Usually, this happens when a lot of pressure builds up, and boiling sounds emerges. This can be quite dangerous; hence professional help is the call of the day.
  • There are times when the sediments build up. To resolve this, one must flush out all the water and clean the tank well.
  • There is also the issue of scale build-up in the tank. For this, one must drain the entire storage tank and descale all the build-up. In case this does not help, you must replace the tank altogether.

Common Geyser Problems and Their Solution: The Conclusion

These are some of the most common geyser problems that can be easily rectified. However, a geyser has a certain degree of a ‘risk factor’ associated with it; hence, one must get the right kind of professional help. Sometimes, a simple DIY is enough to fix your problem with the geyser. Nevertheless, a deeper understanding of the same is quite necessary. Finally, take note of any ongoing ‘funny feeling’ about your otherwise good geyser, and get help immediately.

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