Does the Refrigerator Need a Stabilizer? You Won’t Believe the Answer!

Does the refrigerator need a stabilizer? Most times, Indian households suffer from frequent power anomalies like voltage fluctuations and power surges. This can easily harm the electrical devices; hence, to protect expensive appliances like refrigerators from the effects of burnouts during electrical surges, it is important to provide them with an appropriate device, such as a voltage stabilizer for refrigerators. 

Does the Refrigerator Need a Stabilizer?

So, what is meant by Voltage fluctuations? Voltage fluctuations are variations, like an increase or decrease in the voltage arriving at your house that causes the lights to glow dimmer in case of low voltage or brighter in case of high voltage as compared to the normal accordingly. Essentially, they are not dangerous in the case of most of the appliances. However, they can damage those appliances with motors. But one has to consider that they certainly defer the appliance’s output.

Voltage Fluctuations generally occur due to bad wiring within your house or inside the house. The overload, due to you using more power than your sanctioned load or your neighbors using more, abrupt switching on high voltage appliances like air conditioners, motors, bad earthing, or short circuits. Therefore, when you experience voltage fluctuations, you must check out for any of these reasons.

Once you run low voltage on a refrigerator, it can lead to various issues. You might discover that the refrigerator might struggle to maintain the required temperature, resulting in inadequate cooling or freezing. The compressor might work harder, leading to increased energy consumption and potential damage to the compressor motor.

1. Chances of Fire

It is generally observed that power fluctuation or surge voltage can lead to a fire, sparking in electrical appliances. This can completely burn the internal coils, insulations, components, etc. However, the branded products offer a very high level of safety. Did you know that a fire in an electrical appliance can burn the whole room and even the building? Hence, it is very important to check it properly. This is why, most times, people recommend purchasing branded products, which reduces any chances of this type of accident.

2. Insulation Failure

Power fluctuation, also known as overvoltage, can damage the insulation of your appliance, wire, and other parts. That can lead to short circuits, electrical shock, fire, etc. The strength of the insulator greatly depends upon the applied voltage. In case the voltage applied to an insulator is more than its capacity, then the insulation will be broken down, which means it will behave as a conductor, and it will start conducting current. Hence, the insulating property will thus be damaged.

3. Reduce Life Span

Some branded products are not affected as much during the power fluctuation. However, with continuous power fluctuation, there can be a decrease in the life span of the product. Power fluctuation tends to weaken their internal circuitry and components. For example, frequent power fluctuation can greatly reduce the life span of a refrigerator or Air Conditioner Compressor. The compressor is a very important part of an air conditioner or refrigerator and is quite expensive. Hence, any damage to a compressor can be a major loss for you.

4. Effects on Performance

Certain appliances, especially those with electric motors or heating elements, can experience declining performances during power fluctuations. For this reason, an air conditioner might struggle to cool efficiently, or an electric oven might take longer than usual to reach the required temperature. These appliances are greatly affected by electrical power fluctuations and can get damaged.

The Role of Stabilizers for Refrigerators

Is a stabilizer required for a refrigerator? Yes, and let us take a look at some of the main functions of the Stabilizers:

1. Prevents Excessive Power From Flowing Into the Refrigeration Unit:

The main advantage of the voltage stabilizers is the protection they offer against overload currents and high voltage from entering the connected electrical device during power fluctuations. High voltage current can permanently damage your fridge and cause burnouts. Using a voltage stabilizer ensures that the electricity that enters the appliance is compatible with its capacity.

2. Compatible with Almost all Refrigerator Capacities

The stabilizers are available in a variety of sizes according to their capacity. According to the voltage requirement of your refrigerator, one can easily select a stabilizer. Though some of the latest refrigerator models include stabilizer-free operation, it is still important to use a voltage stabilizer to protect the fridge against voltage fluctuations.

3. Protects the Refrigerator From Dysfunction

Various Electrical appliances like refrigerators include a specific electrical capacity within which they can operate to the best. Nevertheless, it can also face problems during voltage fluctuations, causing the refrigerator to function abnormally. Hence, using a voltage stabilizer ensures a steady flow of electricity into the refrigerator within its set capacity. This allows it to continue normal operation despite the voltage fluctuation.

4. Ensures Electrical Protection During Power Cuts

Installing a voltage stabilizer for your refrigerator at home can play an important role in protecting your device during power cuts. During normal power situations, the electricity flowing into the refrigerator is uninterrupted, ensuring smooth operation. During power cuts, this flow of electricity gets interrupted, thus leading to the device shutting down completely or malfunctioning. It is, hence, important to install a voltage stabilizer to maintain a constant output voltage to the refrigerator to protect it from further harm. Voltage stabilizers prevent damage from electrical surges when the normal electricity supply returns.

5. Makes the Refrigerator Energy-Efficient

Voltage stabilizers help maintain the abnormally high levels of electricity from entering the connected electrical device, leading to damage. As it works to stabilize the flow of electricity and hence reduces power consumption during surges, it plays an important role in ensuring that the device is energy efficient. It also helps lower the power consumption, which is reflected in your monthly electricity bill.

6. Cost-Effective

Various Voltage stabilizers are easily available in the Indian market at budget-friendly price tags. These offer a great value against the price as they are long-lasting and durable. Also, they include an expansive warranty.

7. Others

Having a voltage stabilizer for your refrigerator at home offers you various benefits. These voltage stabilizers are available in various designs. Some of the latest models are also wall-mounted and can be installed easily within your home. Additionally, these stabilizers can be equipped with older and newer refrigerator models. These include LED indications and are perfect for everyday usage. These also protect from thermal overloads and prevent the connected device from overheating.

Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Stabilizer

Can you use the same voltage stabilizer for all fridge models? What are some of the considerations for a stabilizer? Here are some important ones: 

1. Mounting

As the voltage stabilizer works with electric power, there is always a risk of your stabilizer getting wet or damaged when placed on the ground or anywhere that is not safe. This is why most stabilizers can be wall-mounted or placed higher. This is not only to protect it from any damage but also to protect your family and small children from being exposed to the risk of electric shock.

2. Indicators

The Indicators function to display the voltage that has been regulated to supply power to the appliance. The latest models are also enabled with LED indicators.

3. Time Delay Systems

This feature allows a time lapse so that the inbuilt compressor, like a refrigerator or air conditioner, gets enough time to balance the electricity flow in case of a short-duration power cut.xx

4. Digitized

To make the function of a stabilizer more precise and reliable, many of the latest models are digitized. Interestingly, these last models are not only digitized, but they also adapt themselves to various devices. So, all you need to do is shift the stabilizer from one device to another to function. Most of these can also connect and adapt to generators when installed.

5. Overload Protection

The overload protection feature turns off the stabilizer output completely in case of a short circuit or any kind of burnout when an overload occurs.

Pros and Cons of Using Stabilizers for Refrigerators

Some of the Benefits of Using Stabilizers for Refrigerators Are:

  • Effective operation, even under extreme conditions, to make sure that your devices are well protected when there occurs constant voltage fluctuations occur due to bad weather or faulty grids.
  • It acts as a protective shield for the valuable electronics, hence increasing both the life and efficiency of the appliance, thus enhancing usage experience and productivity.
  • Microprocessor-based voltage stabilizers with auto cut-off feature and inverter compatibility.
  • Reliable pricing directly from the brand to offer the users the best deals when purchasing voltage stabilizers online.
  • Smooth warranty claims and hassle-free service and repairs during and even after the warranty period.

Potential Drawbacks or Considerations:

Some of the main disadvantages of the stabilizers are: 

  • The loss is great, and the efficiency is quite poor when there is a large difference between the input and output voltage.
  • A large amount of heat gets generated when the difference between the input and output voltage is huge; hence, measures to dissipate the heat are important.
  • Only step-down operations for lowering the voltage are possible.

How to Choose a Stabilizer for a Refrigerator?

Features to Look for in a Stabilizer

Aside from the power consumption and input voltage, there are other features that one needs to consider when choosing a stabilizer for their refrigerator.

1. The Mounting

One should consider that it is safe to mount a stabilizer instead of placing it on the ground. Once you set it on the ground, there is a chance of it getting wet. It is an electrical appliance that can cause shocks or fire incidents. Hence, you should check for a proper place to mount your stabilizer.
It is important to check if the brand offers free installation services. If you are good with electrical wiring, you can do it yourself. However, if you are not proficient in electrical wiring, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional technician.

2. The Indicators

Stabilizers also include a display that allows you to check their performance and ensure they work without any problems. Some stabilizers comprise an LED that blinks to indicate the operating conditions. Others have a full digital display that allows the input and output voltages.

3. The Time Delay System

In case there is a power failure, the voltage flow also gets interrupted. This leads to the stabilizer overheating, which can, in turn, cause damage to the refrigerator. With the time delay feature, it can maintain the voltage that is fed to your refrigerator for some time despite power failure.
The time delay system is useful if you experience frequent power cuts in your area. It also ensures that the longevity of your stabilizer and refrigerator is maintained. Also, some models have smart technologies that offer an even more efficient way of maintaining the voltage during power cuts.

4. Digitized

Those brands that have been trying to digitize all electrical appliances are finally making it big. Digitizing an electrical appliance makes it easier to connect with other devices. This is the same case with the stabilizers as well. One can now easily connect it to your refrigerator. Moreover, it also reduces the amount that is spent on installation services.

5. Overload Protection

If your refrigerator load exceeds what the stabilizer can manage, it tends to overheat and can lead to fire hazards. Every stabilizer comprises a maximum voltage limit beyond which the stabilizer cannot regulate the voltage.
They also include an overload protection feature to protect the stabilizer from overloading. This helps protect your stabilizer from overloading and also enhances its longevity.

Types of Stabilizers for Refrigerators

Aside from the important features, you also need to know the various types of stabilizers available in the market. Selecting the correct type of stabilizer can also extend your refrigerator’s life by many years.

1. Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers

This type of voltage stabilizer regulates the voltage by switching between different relay points. The refrigerator load is connected to all the relay points so that it can switch between relays smoothly.
The stabilizer tracks and feeds a steady output voltage into your refrigerator. In case of a sudden change in voltage, it switches to the required relay point and ensures the output voltage level is constant.

2. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers

These come with dedicated servo stabilizers that work on negative feedback. They use servo motors to regulate the voltage fluctuation. It can handle a 50% deviation of the input voltage and feed a constant output voltage to your refrigerator.

3. Static Voltage Stabilizers

These static voltage stabilizers regulate the output voltage to your refrigerator in the most precise and accurate manner. They do not have any moving components within them. They utilize electronic converters to stabilize the output voltage.
These stabilizers have a voltage regulation of less than ±1% difference between output and rated voltage. However, these are expensive. Additionally, they are bulky and also have a large form factor.

4. Single and Double Booster Stabilizers

The booster stabilizers are not designed to regulate the output voltage. Instead, they boost the output voltage when the input voltage is low. There are two types of booster stabilizers:

The single booster stabilizer: This has a voltage operating range of 180 to 270v. It can only boost the output voltage to a certain extent. It works well for those areas where the voltage drop is normal. 

Double booster stabilizers: These can boost the output voltage by twice that of the input voltage. They operate at 160 to 270v. These are perfect if your house experiences severe voltage drops.

Single Door Vs Double Door Vs Side By Side Refrigerator : Conclusion

So, which is better Single Door Vs Side By Side Refrigerator or a double door altogether? Well, that depends upon quite a few factors: 

On A Budget For a Small Family: Go for a single door if you have a limited budget and a small family unit. This is because the single door is energy-efficient, on a budget, and also comprises inverter technology.

Stylish, For a large Family Unit: Go for the side-by-side refrigerator in case you can splurge a bit on the style-quotient. Also, this is perfect for a big family home where food is celebrated. This fridge type is sure to keep your ingredients in stock for fun any time. 

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