How To Clean and Maintain an Inverter Battery?

How To Clean and Maintain an Inverter Battery? Well, do you need to? Of course, you do, as it massively influences the device’s longevity. Just like the other electronics (and also people), the better care you offer, the longer their lifespan will be; not to forget, the better services you will be rewarded with. As an inverter is a lifesaver in some rural areas in India, it is not surprising that its behaviour directly affects our entire lifestyle. So how can you ensure that the Inverter remains in good condition to serve you better?

To start with, you can take special care towards its maintenance, as this will help in the undisrupted working of the appliance. But how to maintain an inverter battery? Well, here are a few great tips that go a long way in ensuring the proper working of the appliance:

  • One of the foremost tips to bear in mind is that you need to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight. For this, you can get a fine-looking device that includes a trolley. This way, you can quickly move the appliance anyplace with ease.
  • Heat is yet another aspect you need to protect your Inverter from. Hence, be sure to keep the Inverter away from cooking stoves, heaters, or microwaves. Also, ensure your device is safely tucked away in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated place. Take note that the Flat and the Tubular batteries require more and better ventilation as these tend to emit gases like Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide; these are toxic and harmful to human health.
  • Insulation is yet another aspect you need to take care of when trying to maintain the Inverter. This is also one of the most vital aspects of adequately placing the Inverter when you have children in the house. As the Inverter is one such device that deals with high Voltage and charge, you need it to be properly insulated as well.
  • It is best to place the Inverter on Flat surfaces or at ground level. This way, you will also be able to easily access and monitor the device, thus cutting down the chances of accidents. However, in the case of SME batteries, you need to place them at a higher spot.
  • While refilling the batteries, it is essential to bear in mind that you must never refill with Acids. Even though these batteries are Lead-Acid batteries, you need to always refill using only pure distilled water that is easily available at any reputed store.
  • The next important point to keep in mind is that you need to ensure that the lids to the battery water indicator are always open.
  • As most of the inverters from reputed brands comprise a warranty period, you must contact the service person from the relevant source to get the repairs and maintenance done.
  • Another way to keep the inverter batteries well-maintained is to use them regularly. In case you observe that there are no Power cuts for about a month, you can turn off the mains and allow the charge to run the home and appliances to complete the cycle. This way, the battery will discharge and recharge as usual.
  • Another aspect to check regularly is determining the corrosion and rust at the battery terminal. One of the best ways how to clean an Inverter battery is to mix in some hot water and baking soda to form a cleaning solution. Now, simply use an old toothbrush to apply the cleaning paste to get rid of the rust and corrosion. Once done, you need to apply an optimum amount of Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline over the terminal spot, bolts, and nuts to avoid rust and corrosion.
  • Checking the water level is just as important when maintaining the inverter batteries. For this, indulge in a proper check every two months. Also, ensure that the water level is maintained within a certain level. Also, it is important to maintain the recommended water level above the battery and be sure not to use tap water. This is because the presence of minerals in rainwater and tap water can greatly affect the battery’s performance.
  • Not extending the load capacity of the battery is also vital to keep it going fine for a longer period.
  • Lastly, if and when you find that the batteries are bloating, it is time to replace their battery.

How To Clean and Maintain an Inverter Battery?: The Conclusion

Inverter and Inverter batteries are one of the most essential appliances and devices to own if you are in a place where power cuts are a norm. However, there are a few aspects that you must keep in mind when trying to buy an Inverter battery. It is always recommended that you avoid local makes and brands. This is because reputed brands or companies always ensure you enjoy a good warranty period. This way, you will be able to get the required services and maintenance done without scurrying about in the wrong places.
Another important aspect is to ensure the compatibility of the Inverter and the battery. This will ensure proper working for a long time. Also, the VA of the Inverter greatly depends upon the total power required. For example, if you have a 150VA inverter that can run for two hours, you need not invest in an Inverter battery of 200VA.
Likewise, it is also essential to understand the difference between an extended warranty and a guarantee. The Warranty is a service offered to the user where they can avail of free repairs for their device. The Guarantee, on the other hand, is about the complete replacement of the product within a specified period in case irreversible damage is done.

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